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Swadhisthana Chakra
  • 15
  • Dec

Swadhisthana Chakra

Swadhisthana ( "one's own base") or sacral chakra is symbolised by a white lotus within which is a crescent moon, with six vermilion, or orange petals.

Swadhisthana chakra is located just above the genital organs (below the naval). It is responsible fo...

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Mantras for each planet.
  • 15
  • Dec

Remedial Mantras for each planet.

There are several mantras recitation recomended for the planets in the various scriptures.Below are the best Mantra remedy for each planet.


For Surya or Sun related troubles and during the dasa or antardasa of sun:

1. Recite Aditya Hridaya stotr...

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Astroogy book
  • 10
  • Nov

Hidden meaning of 8th House in astrology

8th house in astrology deal with sudden transformation, death, longevity, sex , the occult, healing ,research , inheritance, lottery , sudden gains, taboos , secret enemies fears, insecurity & anxieties in the life.

Being a part of Moksha triangle it also represents inner transformati...

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some chakra
  • 09
  • Nov

Today i am going to start series on Chakras (energy centers of body)

Hello everyone today i am going to start the series on Chakras(energy centers of body).

Then there are 7 Fundamental Chakras.






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  • 16
  • Sep

Vastu tips for kitchen


  • Kitchen should be in south east or north west direction, and never in south west or north east direction.

  • Cooking gas should be placed in south east direction in such a way that while cooking the person fac...

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