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Astro Graph is the window to check the strength of different aspects of your life in percentage.The calculation is done by using ashtakvarga concept of astrology. Sarvashtak Varga a part of ashtakvarga calculates the actual strength of the different astrological houses in your birth chart that is turn is changed into karkatwas of each house and finally we get the overall strength of all the aspects of life



Astro Graph Predictions Calculator

Astro Graph represents the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, and astrological aspects as well. It is a time observer that gives a window to check the strength of yourself and different aspects of your life. The calculation is done in percentage by using the Ashtakvarga concept of astrology. Ashtakavarga chart prediction helps you to know the positions of different planets in your birth chart. After that, you can make an informed decision about any aspect of your life by using Ashtakavarga calculation software free download


In Vedic Astrology, Ashtakvarga is one of the methods to find out your birth chart's strength of the planets and the houses. Astavarga in astrology divides 12 Moon Signs into eight further categories for eight planets. If you don't know, the Lunar Nodes and Rahu and Ketu are not considered in the free Ashtakavarga chart calculator onlineAshtakvarga table analysis free can be seen from the Ashtakavarga score calculator. It will tell you the planet has in the sign he is placed at birth. After calculating the Ashtakvarga table through the Bhinnashtakavarga chart calculator, the total Ashtakavarga points between 19 to 26 or 18 to 25 are considered to be average. 


If you are thinking that how to calculate Ashtakavarga points, then Rudra Astrology Center will help you with that. Rudra's Ashtakavarga points calculator free helps you to get the score of Ashtakvarga and also the remedies if there is any need. It gives a detailed analysis of your score and also tells you that what you can do after that. It is also known as the house strength astrology calculator


Sarvashtak Varga is a part of Ashtakvarga. In your birth chart, it calculates the actual strength of the different astrological houses. Then, it turns into the changed into Karkatwas of each house. Ultimately, after that, we get the overall strength of all the aspects of life. All this happens with the help of the Ashtakavarga calculator free. 


So, to know the score of the planets of your birth chart, visit the Astrograph prediction service at Rudra Astrology Center. Use the Astavarga chart calculator to get to know the score and the strengths in the different aspects of your life. Just fill in your birth details and know everything about your birth chart through the Samudaya Ashtakavarga calculator. So, don't waste your time and know the score now. 

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