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Advanced Astrology Predictions Service

We at Rudra Astrology are very proud to bring up a Advanced astrology predictions service which gives compact but accurate astrological prediction as it takes into account the planet , the house it is placed in and also the rashi of it simultaneously. This service is the advanced version of our most viewed and used service “astrology predictions”. Due to huge demand of user this service is crafted with great precision and is meant to supersede general astrology prediction service in accuracy also that service also has different part to play. Let me break it down for you this service choses content from almost 1296 pages of written material as per the position of the planets and permutation combination applying to your chart. Accuracy wise we are proud of this service and its right at as the best astrological report for free based on exact planetary location in your birth chart.


The purpose of this advanced astrology predictions is give the users the taste of true astrology so that he can move forwards and get a complete reading one from a learned astrologer .I would not claim that advanced astrology predictions can compete with the predictions given by astrologer but I would say it is as close as we can get using a software. So enjoy our new feature and get detailed astrological predictions based on vedic astrology for absolutely for single or multiple use. Also don’t forget signup to our website if you havnt yet to get latest news , features and updates.

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