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Healing crystals also named as “up ratan” in hindi are precious stones which harness the power of the 5 elements and work as a energy creating and amplifying tool. According to quantum physics everything is energy even the matter is in principle energy. So by working on subtle energy we can transform anything, it can be a health situation, scarcity of money, relationship even evil eye and black magic can be tacked. Crystal healing which is perceived in India as having origin in foreign country actual belongs to india. Uses and types of crystals are mentioned in detail in “Garuda puran”.I personally have experienced the miraculous effect of crystals in all spheres of life.


So here by in the healing crystal section in have covered

Healing crystals for health - I have covered more than 50 diseases with the combination of healing stones to heal them.

Healing crystal for Love – List of healing crystals to heal your love life at the physical, mental and spiritual level

Healing crystals for wealth – hearing I have recommended list of crystals to fulfil your life with abundance and wealth.

Healing crystal to counter black magic/evil eye – I have recommended a very strong and rare combination of crystals to destroy the effect of black magic and also further protect you from this in future

Healing crystals for Reiki (Energy centres , Pranic chakras ) whatever happens in the your life be it the inner experience or the outer situation its all the reflection of the energy flow through your pranic chakras or energy centres - So here I have recommended the healing crystals for all the chakras ie Muladhara, Swadhistan, Manipur, Anhata, Vishuddhi , Ajna and the sahastraras to balance them .

Following categories are available for crystals:

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