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Vastu Calculator

Vastu shastra is an ancient science having its roots in Hindu religious scriptures. Vastu   shastra helps to align the cosmic energies inside your house so that these energies help you to achieve everything material and spiritual in your life. Today everybody starting from your property dealer to your friend has Vastu tip that they read from a blog or internet article on online Vastu.

But the truth is many of them do not have complete knowledge to guide you properly, So to make it simple and easy for you, we introduce Free online vastu calculator who works as your vastu consultant online for evaluating Vastu for house almost like an online Vastu expert. Try online vastu check calculator and for further in-depth report of Vastu compatibility of your house both direction wise and as whole in percentage contact the online vastu consultant at Rudra Astrology Center.

Please Follow the below steps.


1.       Find out the centre of your house by considering your house or flat as a single unit.

2.      Please Download Magnetic compass app , this you can download from Android or ios very easily.

3.      Keeping the magnetic compass in your phone in the centre note down the direction for all the rooms, including drawing room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet etc.

4.      Fill the below form by assigning the direction to the corresponding rooms.

5.      And Done! Get the result of the Vastu for Home evaluator for free.


Please Note:- If the Vastu compatibility score you get after using this tool is on the lower side , it is recommended that you get the Vastu of house done by a competent Vastu consultant.

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Provide us direction for the following in your house:

Online Vastu Calculator & Vastu Consultant

In Hindu religious scriptures, Vastu Shastra plays quite an important role. It helps to align the cosmic energies inside your house. When you apply that in your life, these energies help you to achieve everything. Whether it is materialistic or spiritual, you can get everything if the Vastu Shastra of your house or office is aligned. And to do this, Rudra's Vastu Calculator helps you in that. Nowadays, from your neighbor to friends, everybody has Vastu tips. Thanks to the internet, everybody thinks that they know everything about Vastu Shastra. However, in reality, most of us are far from knowing it really is. 


That is why Rudra Astrology Center provides you online Vastu consultant to make it easy and simple for you. This Vastu consultant online evaluates Vastu for a house almost like an online Vastu expert. You can try the Vastu calculator online free of cost at Rudra Astrology Center. It gives you a detailed analysis of the Vastu Shastra of your house or office and helps you to get all the benefits from it. With this calculator, you can get to know the compatibility direction-wise and as a whole in percentage. 


To know the exact Vastu of a place, find out the center of the place considering it as a single unit. After that, download the Magnetic compass app and keep your phone in the center of that place. Note down the direction for all the rooms, and by assigning the direction to the corresponding rooms, fill the below form. Finally, you will receive the Vastu for the place evaluator for free.


So, if you are worried about how to check Vastu of flat online, then Rudra Astrology Center is at your service. Without a single doubt, you can log in to Rudra Astrology Center and know everything about your place for free. So, hurry!!!


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