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About Free Prashna Kundali

We at rudra astrology always find ways to give our audience a glimpse of authentic vedic astrology.Prashna kundali is a way through which everyone can get answer to the specific question a person wants to know based on the astrology birth chart created for the query, in other words you will get accurate answer to your query , u just have to put below details like place at which u are at and the time and other variables required by our software. After this the prashna chart is analysed by our system by applying different principles of the Prashna Kundali & Tajik system and there u have the answer to your query. So fill in the details, write your query and you will get astrological predictions and reply to your query for free.

We have worked our level best to make this as accurate as possible but an online system can not replace a human intuition and experience ,so it is recommended by us to get these predictions verified and eloborated by acharyaji or any good vedic astrologer.

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