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The library service of Rudra Astrology is a fantastic tool with Vedic composition of 100s of Ashtakams, Sahastranaam, Vrat Katha, and other spiritual content available in video, in Sanskrit and English format with meaning. In addition, this vast library has more than 200 aartis, Chalisa, and sangrah of other important spiritual texts. Any mantra suggested for Vedic pooja or astrological remedy is available for free in video and text formats. If you want to watch the chanting, the video is given in the form of youtube links, making it easy to listen through your youtube player. Also, data is added regularly to increase its vastness and make it an ocean of knowledge in the form of mantras.


So select the chanting you are looking for in formats like sahastranaam, Chalisa, or aarti. Then, go to the option you want the information for and enjoy the blissful mantras.

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