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Lal Kitab Predictions Service

Lal kitab is an ancient astrology gem that originally was written in Urdu and it was authored by Pt Roop Chand Joshi in 5 volumes published between 1938-1952. it is the part of samudrika shastra and is believed to have an Persian origin.Lal Kitab is very famous and doesn't need an introduction most of us already know about this fascinating astrological prediction technique. Specially the remedies given in lal kitab are well known and many people believe in the strong and quick results that can be achieved by doing so.

Many of our viewers requested for a free Lal Kitab Prediction service. So here it goes Lal kitab predictions with not only the feature of predictions for each planet but also remedial measures to manage that specific position of that planet .We at Rudra Astrology concentrates’ on proving all astrological services for free may it be for online astrological reports or personal consultation directly with acharya ji.


The purpose of this service is to give an glimpse of what this science of vedic astrology has in store for you,. We recommend you to get complete astrological analyses done by a competent astrologer before taking any important decision related to your life.


So put your birth details and find out what Lal Kitab has in store for your future

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