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About Shraddha / Death Tithi Calculator

The Tithi Calculator on our Rudra Astrology Center website is a valuable tool for determining auspicious dates according to the Hindu lunar calendar. It helps users easily find the right Tithi for religious ceremonies, ensuring they perform rituals at the most beneficial times. Our Annual Tithi Calculator helps users identify the precise dates for yearly rituals, ensuring they observe important ceremonies at the most auspicious times according to the lunar calendar

The Shraddha Tithi Calculator on our website is an essential tool for determining the specific lunar dates to perform Shraddha rituals. It ensures that users can honor their ancestors on the most auspicious days, according to traditional Hindu beliefs and the lunar calendar, maintaining spiritual continuity and respect. Our Annual Death Ceremony Calculator simplifies finding the appropriate lunar dates for yearly ancestral rituals. It ensures that users honor their departed loved ones on the most auspicious days, as prescribed by Hindu tradition and the lunar calendar.

To calculate the Tithi date for death, you need the exact time of death and a reliable Panchang (Hindu almanac). Match the time of death to the lunar day listed in the Panchang. Since Tithis vary in duration and can start and end at any time of the day, pinpointing the correct Tithi requires precision. For annual rituals like Shraddha, repeat this process each year, adjusting for the shifting lunar calendar and leap months if necessary.


A Death Tithi Calculator is a specialized online tool designed to help individuals determine the lunar date (Tithi) on which someone passed away, according to the Hindu lunar calendar. This date is crucial for performing annual Shraddha rituals, which are ceremonies conducted to honor and offer various respects to deceased ancestors. This calculator simplifies the process by requiring the user to input the Gregorian date and time of death, and then it computes the corresponding Tithi based on lunar phases and other astrological data. This tool is particularly valuable because the Hindu calendar is lunar, causing the Tithis to shift relative to the solar calendar each year. The Death Tithi Calculator ensures that the rituals are performed on the exact lunar anniversary, maintaining the tradition's accuracy and spiritual significance. Death Tithi Dosha refers to the astrological implications that arise when the annual death anniversary (Tithi) of a deceased person coincides with inauspicious lunar days or specific astrological alignments. Such coincidences can be believed to bring negative effects on family members. It’s important to calculate the exact Tithi each year for performing rituals like Shraddha to mitigate these effects, as the lunar date shifts annually. Calculating the correct date ensures that the ceremonies are conducted on the most auspicious days, thereby honoring the departed and promoting spiritual well-being for the family.

Rudra Astro Death Anniversary Calculator serves as a bridge through time, connecting today's heartfelt remembrances to the sacred celestial timings of the past. Effortlessly, it charts the lunar path back to the day we said goodbye, ensuring that our tributes align perfectly with the stars, preserving traditions, and honoring memories at the precise spiritual juncture. A Death Nakshatra Calculator is a precise tool designed to identify the Nakshatra, or lunar mansion, at the time of someone's passing. This astrological detail is crucial for setting ceremonies and rituals according to Vedic traditions. By pinpointing the Nakshatra, families can perform annual rites and remembrances that align with the correct celestial positions, ensuring that the spiritual benefits of these practices are maximized for both the departed and their loved ones.

This tool simplifies the integration of traditional wisdom with modern needs for spiritual observances. Using a Tithi Calculator by the date of death allows families to accurately determine the lunar day on which a loved one passed away, ensuring that annual Shraddha rituals are performed on the correct date. This tool seamlessly converts the Gregorian date of death into the corresponding Tithi, making it simpler to uphold and honor age-old traditions. It’s an indispensable resource for maintaining spiritual continuity and respecting ancestral customs in the rhythm of modern life. For more detail information proceed for a one-to-one consultation by booking an appointment with us.

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