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Shraddha Days

About Shraddha Days

According to Garuda Purana the souls that don't get Pind Daan, Tarpan and so forth meander erratically on the Earth. Shradh custom is done to satisfy the dissatisfied wishes of the predecessor's souls which are caught in our reality because of powerful urges that stay in soul even after death. The Shradh customs purify every wrongdoing and help them rest in peace with their souls freed and to look for their favours. The Shradh puja is offered amid Pitru Paksha period amid the Krishna Paksha fortnight in the Ashwin month.

As indicated by the epic Mahabharata, when Karna died, his spirit was sent to paradise. There he was offered just gold and silver trimmings as sustenance. He solicited the King of Gods, Indra, the reason of serving ornaments as food, instead of food. Indra reminded him that Karna too had just given gold and silver ornaments to the poor, yet never gave food to his forefathers. Karna said he didn't know about his ancestors and hence never offered anything to them. Indra gave him 15 days to go back to earth and give food and other offerings in the name of his predecessors. He returned and played out the ceremonies of Shradh or Tarpan for the peace of souls of his progenitors. 

Every day of the sixteen days of Shradh is devoted as Tithi for an ancestor. In light of the Tithi, petitions are offered for the peace and freedom of the departed soul. The very first day of Shradh, which is Amavasya is the day when supplies are offered so that the departed souls rest in peace and may find their place in heaven. The Shradh ceremonies are performed by a male member of the family, generally, either the oldest child or the leader of the family. It is believed that the Shradh ceremonies when performed with full confidence, dedication and admiration help the souls rest in peace making them bless their kin with assurance, peace, and thriving.



Shraddha Days 2021

Date Name
Purnima Shraddha September 20, 2021, Monday
Pratipada Shraddha September 21, 2021, Tuesday
Dwitiya Shraddha September 22, 2021, Wednesday
Tritiya Shraddha September 23, 2021, Thursday
Chaturthi Shraddha September 24, 2021, Friday
Maha Bharani September 24, 2021, Friday
Panchami Shraddha September 25, 2021, Saturday
Shashthi Shraddha September 26, 2021, Sunday
Saptami Shraddha September 28, 2021, Tuesday
Ashtami Shraddha September 29, 2021, Wednesday
Navami Shraddha September 30, 2021, Thursday
Dashami Shraddha October 1, 2021, Friday
Ekadashi Shraddha October 2, 2021, Saturday
Dwadashi Shraddha October 3, 2021, Sunday
Magha Shraddha October 3, 2021, Sunday
Trayodashi Shraddha October 4, 2021, Monday
Chaturdashi Shraddha October 5, 2021, Tuesday
Sarva Pitru Amavasya October 6, 2021, Wednesday

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