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24 Carat Gold Plated Coloured Shukra Yantra


Venus holds a ministerial position in the Navagraha Mandal. Shukra is considered a female planet, According to astrology. People who have Venus's planet lord in their horoscope are quite beautiful and attractive. Venus is considered to be a factor of husband-wife, love affair, indulgence, opulence, and bliss. If the position of Venus in a person's horoscope is good, then the life of the native passes happily. With the auspicious effects of Venus, a person can also get pleasure in the house and happiness and harmony in marital life and attract riches. Shukra is the symbol of beauty wealth, pleasures, comforts & luxuries.

How to use:

Keep this yantra in your place of worship and worship it with an incense lamp and place this yantra in your temple after cleaning this yantra with Ganga water. With this Yantra, you are given the method of placing this Yantra.

Benefits Of Shukra Yantra: 

Keeps the relationship strong. With this yantra, one gets respect, love, mental, peace, and success. Keeping this yantra in the office also helps in increasing business and making the right decisions. If a woman has difficulty in reproduction then she should keep Shukra (Venus)Yantra in her house


According to Ancient Vedic Texts, Venus is the planet of Beauty and Relations. It is identified with a wide range of delight, Luxuries of the Life. Venus is the Karak planet of the seventh (House of Marriage). It is additionally a characteristic supporter of Marriage in a Male horoscope. The Maha Dasha of Venus keeps going for a long time. The planet Venus is the Lord of zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. It is EXALTED in the sign Pisces and it is DEBILITATED in the sign Virgo. At whatever point the planet Venus is placed in its zodiac sign or its EXALTATION sign, in first, fourth, seventh, or tenth place of a horoscope, it frames a decent Yoga known as Malav Panch Mahapurush Yoga which makes a man exceptionally fruitful in life and such a man can appreciate every one of the Luxuries and Comforts of life.

A man with a powerless or malefic Venus experiences Diseases because of Excessive Drinking, Diabetes, Frigidness, Impotency, Sexually transmitted illnesses, he might be without Sexual Pleasures, Kidney related issues, and Low Sperm Counts.

 Using this yantra will nullify the negative effects of Venus in your chart.

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