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24 Carat Gold Plated Coloured Mangal Yantra


In Hindu scriptures, Mars is considered the most powerful of the Navagrahas. It is said that the person whose Mars is in the highest position in the horoscope, gives that auspicious fruit to the native as if success is achieved in every work and respect is increased in society. Also, the person whose Mars is in a low place in the horoscope has to face problems of disease, enmity, anger, hatred, violence, sin, murder, accident, etc. in their life. It is believed that if Mars is inauspicious in the horoscope, the nit can also be corrected by worshiping Mangal Yantra. Mangal Yantra is considered very auspicious to make a red cloth or red in Kona copper plate or a banquet. Worshiping Hanuman Ji with this yantra is necessary for the prevention of Mangalik Dosha. Worshiping Mangal Yantra leads to economic, physical, and intellectual development. Blood-related diseases are eradicated, and success in life is achieved. Mars has its day on Tuesday, so keep a fast on Tuesday and worship will be very good. Wake up before sunrise on Tuesday and clean your body and mind. Then, wearing a new red-colored cloth, sit in the pavilion facing north. This yantra reduces accidents, injuries, etc. in your life. This Yantra opens the way for the arrival of money, as well as helps you to come debt-free. Those with Aries and Brihat zodiac signs, those with Aries and Brihat Ascendant, and whose Mahadasha of Mars is going on, should wear this yantr


 Mars rules your willpower, your desires, and the fulfillment of them. If Mars is strongly placed in your chart, you will maintain a good relationship with people around you and will have a strong personality. A happy married life is also promised by a strong Mars. If you have a week Mars you will be troubled by debts and will end up in litigations one after another. Weak mars will deplete your energy and will create lethargy & blood-related disorder. The energized Mars Yantra will with its powerful radiations turn Mars into a favorable planet and will nullify all the ill effects caused by it.

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