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24 Carat Gold Plated Coloured Guru Yantra


The Guru planet is considered to be the most auspicious planet in the Navagraha. Also, this planet represents marriage, job, knowledge, family, etc. If the guru is in a good position in the horoscope of a person, then the same decision of longevity, desired job, money benefit, father's support and good life partner for the girl do the same. According to astrology, due to the influence of inauspicious planets many times, the Guru is not able to give his auspicious results, in such a situation the problems of the job, business problems, the dispute with parents and marriage of a girl child also arise. At the same time, due to the inauspicious effect of the Guru in the horoscope, every work of the person starts getting interrupted. Honor's reputation starts to decline, futile debates start happening. In this case, with the help of Guru Yantra, the inauspicious effect of Guru can be reduced in the horoscope of a person. Guru Yantra should be kept in the house to remove the inauspicious effects of Guru. Worship of this yantra is also beneficial for solving problems of married life


According to Ancient Vedic Texts, Jupiter is a Natural Beneficial planet. It is the Karak planet for 5 houses which are the second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh place of the horoscope. Jupiter is likewise a characteristic advocate of Wealth, Fame, Success, Religion, Karmas of the past life, Luck, and offspring. It is additionally a characteristic promoter planet for Marriage in a female horoscope. Jupiter is the Lord of the zodiac sign Sagittarius and Pisces. It is EXALTED in sign Cancer and DEBILITATED in sign Capricorn. Jupiter takes around one year to travel through one zodiac sign. Using this yantra will nullify the negative effects of Jupiter in your chart.

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