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Rose Quartz Tumbled ...

Rose Quartz Tumbled 100g


  • Encourage self-love and acceptance
  • Offer inner peace
  • Treat heart conditions
  • Dealing with personal trauma and stress
  • Relieve loneliness
  • Strengthen relationships

Rose Quartz is a light rose pink quartz. It is a crystal of universal and unconditional love.

The Rose Quartz meaning is greatly connected to its pink color. Pink represents gentleness, calmness, femininity, compassion, and love. The gentle energy carries support and rekindles relationships, bringing joy, passion, and contentment. Its delicate charm and soothing color give a calming effect to the mind and body. 

Rose quartz is a stone for the family. You can easily bond with your family members and deal with their differences 

Perfect for home decor. When placed in every room, it will give rejuvenating energy and inspires dwellers to love and be compassionate.

Wearing a piece of jewelry is a gentle reminder that you are being loved, valued, and remembered. Depending on your mood or occasion, you can relish the benefits of rose quartz jewelry wherever you are. You can wear a rose quartz necklace and keep it close to your heart

How to Care for Rose Quartz?

First and foremost you need to use and keep it with pure positive intentions so it will carry only love and beauty. You can cleanse it using  tap water at home. Keep the crystal safe from falling by using a microfiber cloth or a net then gently wash it with mild soap. Keep it dry after.

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