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Ruby (5 ct.)...

Ruby (5 ct.)


High and Genuine Quality.


Ruby is the name given to red gem-quality corundum. These can be of different shades of reds to pink. The best rubies are those, which have dark red shading. The finest rubies are found in Burma. Thailand, Afghanistan Vietnam, and Pakistan additionally deliver splendid rubies. India, USA Australia, and Norway additionally deliver rubies which are dim to misty now and again. 

The concoction piece of ruby is Aluminum Oxide and the recipe is Al2O3. The particular gravity is 4.00 and the refractive record is 1.76-1.77. The hardness of ruby is 9 with a precious stone structure of Trigonal. 

Ruby increases the heart's strength, body adaptability,  tissue recovery, immunity, mitosis, circulation, protection from psychic attacks, This stone decreases inflammation, bleeding, infectious diseases, typhoid, diabetes, leukemia, bubonic plague,   iron deficiency, schizophrenia, heart attack, diabetes. It reestablishes the balance of nerves, liver, spleen, heart, thymus,  adrenals, cholesterol.

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Ruby (5 ct.) (1200 per ct.)


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