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Coral (5 ct.)...

Coral (5 ct.)


Genuine and High Quality.


Coral is comprised of the skeletal stays of marine creatures called Coral Polyps. These small animals live in states which shape stretching structures as they develop, in the long run bringing about coral reefs and Atolls. Most corals are made of Calcium Carbonate and have shades of red, pink, white, and blue. Be that as it may, dark and brilliant corals are made of a horn-like substance called conchiolin. Out of all Red coral is generally valuable. Red coral is found in Japan, the Mediterranean, and African coasts. Dark and brilliant coral is found in West Indies and Australia. 

Coral has a hardness of 3; particular gravity of 2.68; a Refractive list of 1.49-1.66 and a Trigonal gem structure. The compound equation is Ca CO3 ( or C3H48N9O11). 

The primary impact of stone is in tissue recovery and increment in platelets. Coral helps in tissue regeneration and increases in blood cells. It decreases fever, madness, nightmares, leukemia, asthma, sterility, teething troubles, obesity, constipation, jaundice, rickets, rabies, menorrhagia, anemia, varicose veins, arthritis, hemorrhaging. It helps balance the spleen, mucous membrane, alimentary canal, bile, spinal canal, spine, circulation, nervous system, Thalamus.

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Coral (5 ct.) (500per ct.)

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