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Vehicle Purchase


A vehicle, like a home, is a valuable asset that may help people enhance their status or social reputation, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, vehicles, like houses, should be acquired on an auspicious day and time.
Buying a vehicle on an auspicious day and time, whether it's a bike, car, scooter, or bus, makes the vehicle lucky enough to offer more prosperity to its owner.
There are certain days and muhurat which can be beneficial for buying a vehicle.



Vehicle Purchase

Date Nakshatra Tithi
Thursday 16-06-2022 Uttara Ashadha Tritiya
Wednesday 05-01-2022 Shravana, Dhanishtha Tritiya
Thursday 06-01-2022 Shatabhisha Panchami
Friday 09-12-2022 Revati Ashtami
Monday 17-01-2022 Punarvasu, Pushya Purnima, Pratipada
Tuesday 27-12-2022 Anuradha Dashami, Ekadashi
Thursday 03-02-2022 Shatabhisha Tritiya
Sunday 09-01-2022 Revati Ashtami
Thursday 27-01-2022 Anuradha Dashami, Ekadashi
Sunday 06-02-2022 Revati Shashthi
Thursday 10-02-2022 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Dashami
Friday 11-02-2022 Mrigashirsha Dashami, Ekadashi
Sunday 13-02-2022 Punarvasu Trayodashi
Monday 14-02-2022 Punarvasu, Pushya Trayodashi
Sunday 20-02-2022 Chitra Panchami
Monday 21-02-2022 Chitra, Swati Panchami, Shashthi
Wednesday 23-02-2022 Anuradha Ashtami
Thursday 24-02-2022 Anuradha Ashtami
Monday 28-02-2022 Shravana Trayodashi
Thursday 10-03-2022 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Ashtami
Sunday 13-03-2022 Punarvasu, Pushya Dashami, Ekadashi
Monday 14-03-2022 Pushya Ekadashi
Sunday 20-03-2022 Chitra, Swati Tritiya
Wednesday 23-03-2022 Anuradha Shashthi
Sunday 27-03-2022 Shravana Dashami, Ekadashi
Monday 28-03-2022 Shravana, Dhanishtha Ekadashi
Wednesday 30-03-2022 Shatabhisha Trayodashi
Wednesday 06-04-2022 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Panchami, Shashthi
Monday 07-03-2022 Mrigashirsha Shashthi
Thursday 07-04-2022 Mrigashirsha Shashthi
Sunday 17-04-2022 Chitra, Swati Pratipada
Monday 25-04-2022 Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Dashami, Ekadashi
Thursday 28-04-2022 Revati Trayodashi
Friday 06-05-2022 Punarvasu Panchami, Shashthi
Friday 13-05-2022 Hasta, Chitra Trayodashi
Friday 13-05-2022 Anuradha Pratipada
Sunday 22-05-2022 Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Ashtami
Monday 23-05-2022 Shatabhisha Ashtami
Thursday 26-05-2022 Revati Ekadashi
Thursday 02-06-2022 Punarvasu Tritiya
Thursday 09-06-2022 Hasta Dashami
Friday 10-06-2022 Chitra, Swati Dashami, Ekadashi
Sunday 19-06-2022 Shatabhisha Shashthi
Sunday 26-06-2022 Rohini Trayodashi
Friday 01-07-2022 Pushya Tritiya
Wednesday 06-07-2022 Hasta Ashtami
Thursday 07-07-2022 Hasta, Chitra Ashtami
Friday 08-07-2022 Swati Dashami
Sunday 10-07-2022 Anuradha Ekadashi
Friday 15-07-2022 Dhanishtha Tritiya
Wednesday 20-07-2022 Revati Ashtami
Sunday 24-07-2022 Rohini Ekadashi
Monday 25-07-2022 Mrigashirsha Trayodashi
Wednesday 03-08-2022 Hasta, Chitra Shashthi
Friday 05-08-2022 Swati Ashtami
Sunday 07-08-2022 Anuradha Dashami
Thursday 11-08-2022 Shravana Purnima
Friday 12-08-2022 Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Purnima, Pratipada
Sunday 21-08-2022 Mrigashirsha Dashami, Ekadashi
Wednesday 24-08-2022 Punarvasu, Pushya Trayodashi
Thursday 25-08-2022 Pushya Trayodashi
Wednesday 31-08-2022 Chitra, Swati Panchami
Thursday 01-09-2022 Swati Panchami, Shashthi
Thursday 08-09-2022 Shravana, Dhanishtha Trayodashi
Friday 09-09-2022 Shatabhisha Purnima
Wednesday 28-09-2022 Swati Tritiya
Friday 30-09-2022 Anuradha Panchami, Shashthi
Friday 07-10-2022 Shatabhisha Trayodashi
Sunday 09-10-2022 Revati Purnima, Pratipada
Monday 10-10-2022 Revati Pratipada
Friday 14-10-2022 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Panchami, Shashthi
Monday 17-10-2022 Punarvasu, Pushya Ashtami
Thursday 27-10-2022 Anuradha Tritiya
Friday 28-10-2022 Anuradha Tritiya
Wednesday 02-11-2022 Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Dashami
Thursday 03-11-2022 Shatabhisha Dashami, Ekadashi
Sunday 06-11-2022 Revati Trayodashi
Thursday 10-11-2022 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Tritiya
Friday 11-11-2022 Mrigashirsha Tritiya
Sunday 13-11-2022 Punarvasu Panchami, Shashthi
Monday 14-11-2022 Punarvasu, Pushya Shashthi
Monday 21-11-2022 Chitra, Swati Trayodashi
Monday 28-11-2022 Shravana Panchami, Shashthi
Wednesday 30-11-2022 Shatabhisha Ashtami
Wednesday 07-12-2022 Rohini Purnima
Thursday 08-12-2022 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Purnima, Pratipada
Friday 09-12-2022 Mrigashirsha Pratipada
Sunday 11-12-2022 Punarvasu Tritiya
Monday 12-12-2022 Pushya Panchami
Sunday 18-12-2022 Hasta, Chitra Dashami, Ekadashi
Monday 19-12-2022 Chitra, Swati Ekadashi
Wednesday 21-12-2022 Anuradha Trayodashi
Sunday 25-12-2022 Shravana Tritiya
Wednesday 28-12-2022 Shatabhisha Shashthi
Friday 30-12-2022 Revati Ashtami

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