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vastu tips
  • 31
  • Mar

Vastu Tips for Bedroom


Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

  • For ensuring peace in the house, the main bedroom should be constructed in the south direction.
  •  While placing the bed, make sure that you keep it in such a way that the occupant sleeps with his/her head pointing toward...
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  • 27
  • Feb

Crystals for Spiritual awakening

Crystals for spiritual awakening


In this spiritual ascension movement of the new world, many people are now getting aware of their spiritual growth and taking different strides on this path using yoga & meditation. But we are missing a lot on what help this...

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  • 20
  • Feb

How to worship on MahaShivratri as per your rashi for success and fulfillment of all desire

MahaShivratri falls on the Chaturdashi Tithi during Krishna paksha in the month of Magha, it is said that shiv and Parvati got married on this night. If a person worships lord shiva on this day as per his Rashi, he gets success and all his desires get fulfilled

Below is a specific way of wo...

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  • 09
  • Feb

Mantras for love

The word vashikaran has been misused for a long time and has been considered as a taboo and a negative method to control a partner without his/her wish. In reality, it is the way to create harmony between two people who are attached and to rekindle love life and attraction between partners. Below...

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  • 31
  • Jan

Healing Chakras with Healing Crystals.

Chakra crystals are healing crystals that have a particular vibration and color. All of the chakras have specific colors and vibrations and by using crystals with the same and related vibration, colors we can heal our chakras. Generally, we speak of seven chakras only; the human energy field is m...

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