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Vastu for bathroom.

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Vastu for bathroom.
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Vastu for bathroom.

Vastu for bathroom.

  • The best direction for the toilet is Northwest
  • You should avoid toilets to be in Northeast corners as it is a severe Vaastu dosha, it can create severe problems in health, problems in progeny, accidents, and can also bring unnecessary stress.
  • If the toilet is attached to the bathroom itself then it should be on the West or North-west side of the bathroom and preferably a few inches above the ground.
  • Northeast is the most very pious direction in Vastu and is owned by Lord Shiva, Northeast is occupied by Vaastupurush’s forehead. So one should avoid the placement of the toilet/bathroom here.
  •  Also, Toilets in the Southeast direction should be avoided according to Vaastu. The person living in the building which has a southeast toilet has unexpected losses, legal issues, unexpected problems, accidents with electricity, and problems in electricity gadgets as Southeast is owned byAgnidev.
  •  Toilet in the southwest is also not good. The people have to bear financial issues, unnecessary expenses, losses, Southwest is the area ruled by Rahu; One should avoid drainage in this area as this will cause chronic health problems.
  • Toilets should be placed in such a way that they face the north or south and never in the east or west. 
  • One should avoid making a Toilet under the stairs. Similarly, the toilet is not good in the center area ( bramasthan) of the house.
  • The toilet should never be made near the puja room or the kitchen. Also, the kitchen and the pooja room above the toilet are not Vaastu friendly. Only a toilet can be made over the other toilets.
  • Water storage & taps should be in the East, North, or North-East.
  • One should prefer light colors in the toilet.
  •  A small window in the toilet should be on the East, West, or North wall.




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