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Solar Eclipse 2022 & It's Effects and Remedies for Different Zodiac Signs

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  • Solar Eclipse 2022 & It's Effects and Remedies for Different Zodiac Signs
solar eclipse 2022 and its effects on zodiac signs
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Solar Eclipse 2022 & It's Effects and Remedies for Different Zodiac Signs

SOLAR ECLIPSE 2022 | Time & Date | Effects on Various Zodiac Signs

Solar Eclipse has a very powerful significance among all other natural events. This year Solar Eclipse will appear on 25th October 2022. This is not just an ordinary natural affair. Solar Eclipse is very impactful and it affects our lives in many ways. And here we will tell you how this Solar Eclipse will influence your life.

What is Solar Eclipse?

We already knew that Our Earth rotates around The Sun on its axis and The Moon rotates around our Earth. So when The Moon crosses the path between the Sun and the Earth and the Moon partially or entirely covers the Sun on seeing from Earth then this condition is known as a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2022 Date & Time in India:

The date is 25th October 2022, Kartik Amavasya Tuesday.

The first view of the partial Eclipse will start at 2:29 p.m. Then Maximum Eclipse will be around 4:30 p.m. And 2nd view of the partial Eclipse will end at 6:32 p.m.

Consequences of Solar Eclipse:

In our Vedic Scripture, this story is mentioned that tells us about the Churning of the Milk Ocean(Samudra Manthan) where all Gods and all demons altogether churned out the ocean for ‘The Elixir of Eternal Life’, Amrit. When Lord Vishnu was distributing Nectar, especially to all Gods then a demon Swarnbhanu saw this happening and drank that nectar by disguising himself as a God. The Sun and The Moon saw this and told Lord Vishnu who got furious and beheaded Swarnbhanu but he already had drunk that nectar so he became immortal. The head became Rahu and the body became Ketu. Since that incident, Rahu & Ketu consider the Sun & the Moon their enemies and swore revenge against the Sun & the Moon. That's why it is believed that sometimes Rahu swallows the Sun & the Moon for some time and this is called a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

The Sun is the central planet and powerhouse of our universe. That's why Solar Eclipse affects all zodiac signs. When the Solar Eclipse(Surya Grahan) starts, 12 hours before a Solar Eclipse is the period which is considered an inauspicious period and called Sutak. This year Sutak will start at 2:29 a.m. On the night of 24th October 2022. We won't be able to witness this because in India the Sunset will happen before the Solar eclipse will end.

The next day of the Solar Eclipse there is Diwali in India. So this day will have immense religious importance. Diwali Night is very powerful and the Solar eclipse won't affect it. This exceptional night will be special for Tantra Sadhna. Chanting Goddess Laxmi Mantra will be highly fruitful.

Pregnant women are advised to remain inside the home and should not sleep during Solar Eclipse because the rays of Solar Eclipse are dangerous for them.

People are also suggested to go to holy places like temples etc, take a bath in holy rivers and do some charity.

Influences of Solar Eclipse on the Zodiac signs:

This year Solar Eclipse will happen on 25th October 2022 and this will be the Libra sign. Libra is a weak sign for the Sun. So Libra people need to take special care this time. 

Now we will talk about every zodiac sign and the influences of the Solar Eclipse 2022.

Aries- This Eclipse will be unfortunate for those who are married. It will affect finances, work, and partnerships and you will face difficulties in managing expenditures.

Remedy-:Avoid unwanted expenditures as much as you can and Worship Lord Sun.

Taurus- This Solar Eclipse will bring some health & legal issues. But some people mainly those who are students or connected to the education field may go abroad. Some stresses can also disturb you during this time.

Remedy- Just avoid conflicts with your close ones and donate white edible items to poor & needy people.

Gemini- No need to be afraid because this Solar Eclipse is chiefly good for you. If you are married and have children then will get positivity from their side. They may continue old academic courses or will get benefits from their past life work.

Remedy- Focus on education and don't start anything new.

Cancer- This time is very favorable to you. If you have left any work on hold this is the best time to restart it. You may purchase a new property and if you are having any legal case then you will win it too. You can also face some politics around yourself but if you have chosen politics as your career then you will be successful. People influence you easily but this time you will be practical.

Remedy- Never Show your flaws to others and keep your important conversation secret.

Leo- This eclipse will be very significant for your profession. You will go on vacation with your family or friends. Your siblings will be cordial and you will possibly deal in buying a new property. If you are into writing or literature then this time is very favorable to your skills.

Remedy- Don't hold any negativity towards your siblings and neighbors.

Virgo- If you will be honest with your taxes then you will be lucky enough to get more wearing sources. But you have to be careful with your words, you may face defamation. For a married person this time is good but those who are in love relation they will have some issues. People who are in Government jobs will get a transfer or other activity. 

Remedy- Stay away from Ego, be careful with your words and be cordial to your father, grandfather, and teachers.

Libra- This Eclipse will bring some mixed experiences. You will be aggressive, rigid & selfish but you will be successful in your political and social life. Your married or love life will also be good & stable but you or your father may face some health issues. Married people will also get the good news of the birth of a child.

Remedy- Make harmony with official people and seniors.

Scorpio- This Solar Eclipse will bring more power to you. You will win over your rivals. You will get a chance to travel abroad. You & your father will have different opinions about some properties. You will cheat on your partner. 

Remedy- Control your food habits and avoid unwanted journeys.

Sagittarius- This is a very accurate time to fulfill your dreams. You will get success in the government or share market sector. This time will bring more strength and happiness to your family, relationship and education. You will be a good leader and find more income sources.

Remedy- be careful with your health and finances.

Capricorn- This Solar Eclipse will make you more confident in your talents and abilities and make you famous in your field. If you connect to any political party then you can become a leader. This time will be favorable for starting a new job and new work but try to avoid any new partnerships.

Remedy- Avoid any conflict with your partner, boss, or seniors. Because you are emotional so do not take a risk.

Aquarius- You must be careful in the case of your father, your profession, and your fame. You will get a chance to travel abroad. This time is beneficial for students. You are advised to connect with some religious activities. You will get appreciation or an award for your work.

Remedy- Avoid Ego and be more polite towards your father and seniors.

Pisces- If you have invested in some private work then this is the time when you will get a sudden profit. You will receive some inherited property. Married people will be blessed with a child. You may face some chaos in your family but overall your family and professional life will be fine.

Remedy- Do not be a part of any arguments within your family. Pay more attention to money matters.

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