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Lightning Diyas According to Your Zodiac Signs on Diwali

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how many diyas should be lighten as per your zodiac sign
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Lightning Diyas According to Your Zodiac Signs on Diwali

In our Hindu Culture, everything we do is according to our religion, culture, and Vedic astrology. From buying a new vehicle to entering a new house, from small to big tasks we do everything following our rituals. Because every ritual and every pooja hawan has its significance which affects our life in an auspicious way and removes all negative vibes.

Our biggest festival Diwali is on the way and this festival is very special in many ways. This is a festival of victory of good over evil. On Diwali, we worship Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. Diwali is Amavasya night but we remove all darkness and negativities from our lives and homes by lightning Diyas and doing all auspicious pooja hawan etc. There are particular ways of performing all Diwali festivities, rituals are different across the country.

On this extraordinary festival, we all deserve some good cheer and festivities, Rudra Astrology decided to make it more memorable and efficacious by giving you some useful guidance on how to light Diyas on Diwali Night according to your zodiac signs.

As per our Vedic astrology, it is suggested that ghee or oil in a Diya signifies negativity in our mind and wick symbolizes the soul so by lighting the Diya, we dispel all the negativity from our mind and soul. This clears up space for positivity to enter.

So this Diwali welcome Goddess Lakshmi with an astrological way of lightning Diyas.

According to Vedic astrology, there are some precise ways to light diyas on Diwali and for every zodiac sign, there are other additional different ways to light Diyas. 

Placement of Diyas- It is very important where you are placing your Diyas. First Diya you should place it in your pooja room. In our Vedic astrology, the holy Tulsi Plant is associated with Goddess Lakshami so if you have the Tulsi plant at your home then place Diyas near it and if you don't have a Tulsi plant then place Diyas in your Kitchen. Welcome wealth and prosperity by placing your Diyas facing North or Northeast directions. Placing Diyas facing the East direction will improve your health and if you will place your diyas near water or water containers then all the negativities, diseases and poverty will vanish away. 

Timing is very significant- Timing makes all the difference. In our Vedic Astrology, time plays a meaningful role. So when it comes to lightning Diyas on Diwali night, our Rudra Astrologer says that Goddess Lakshmi only enters well-lit homes. So begin lightning Diyas after Lakshmi Pooja to welcome her into your home. Keep the Diyas lit throughout the night to assure that no kind of darkness and negativity can enter your home.

Metal and Earthen Diyas are divine- it is also necessary that what kind of material is used in making Diyas. Only use Metal or Mud Diyas. Metal like brass is a good conductor of positive energy and earthen Diyas are good reservoirs of good spirits. So using brass and Mud Diyas will create very auspicious and joyful vibes in your home.

Some more useful tips- 

  1. Always prefer ghee for lightning Diyas because desi cow ghee has divine particles and it is considered satvik. But if you don't have ghee then you can use oil but only mustard oil, never use sunflower oil.

  2. Prefer straight wicks instead of puffed wicks. Straight wicks attract superior deities and it signifies the absolute fire element. 

  3. Light an Akhand Diya on Diwali, It has special significance. A day that is lit all night is meant to show light to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. So keep filling the Akhand Diya with ghee at regular intervals and keep it covered all the time with a metal or glass cover. Don't return the wick, place a new one besides the old one. 

These all are very fruitful tips for lightning Diyas and also very simple If you do accordingly then Goddess Lakshmi will bestow health, wealth, and prosperity. Now, will give you some special tips for each zodiac sign.

You must follow the directions given below as per your zodiac sign. 

Aries(Mesh Rashi)- You should place Diyas on a red cloth and because the Aries sign rises in the east so you keep the face of Diyas in the east direction. 

Taurus(Vrishabh Rashi)- Venus is the ruler of this sign so place your Diyas in the South direction and also put down a white cloth. It brings good fortune.

Gemini(Mithun Rashi)- Put your Diyas on a green fabric in the West direction because your sign is ruled by Mercury. This will surely give you favorable outcomes.

Cancer(Kark Rashi)- You will receive prosperity & good fortune if you put your Diyas on white fabric in the North direction.

Leo(Singh Rashi)- Leo is a fire sign that rises in the East direction so place your Diyas in the East direction putting them on a red cloth.

Virgo(Kanya Rashi)- Put your Diyas on a green fabric in the South direction as this sign rises in the South direction.

Libra(Tula Rashi)- Venus is the Lord planet of this Zodiac sign & it rises in the West direction so putting your Diyas in the west direction on white fabric will bring auspiciousness.

Scorpio(Vrishchik Rashi)- To bring joy & prosperity into your life place your Diyas on a red fabric in the North Direction.

Sagittarius(Dhanu Rashi)- Jupiter dominates this particular zodiac sign that rises in the East so gladden Goddess Laxmi by putting your Diyas on a yellow fabric in the East direction.

Capricorn(Makar Rashi)- By just putting your Diyas on black fabric in the South direction you will get all that you desire.

Aquarius(Kumbh Rashi)- Place your Diyas in the West direction by chanting Laxmi Mantra.

Pisces(Meen Rashi)- It is a water sign & its lord planet is Jupiter. So place your Diyas on a blue fabric in the South direction.

Try these simple things to make your Diwali more auspicious & prosperous.

If you still have any doubts and want to know more according to your Zodiac sign then you can consult our astrologer Acharya Sumedh Narayan Soni. You can also visit our Rudra Astrology, Mohali Chandiharh. Book your appointment, all details are given at our official website 


Happy Diwali





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