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Celebrate the Festival of Colours According to your Sun Sign!!

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holi 2021
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Celebrate the Festival of Colours According to your Sun Sign!!

How would this world look like if there were no colours present? Flowers, Sky, Water, Soil, Fire and Even Us!! However, we are blessed to have such a colourful world. In our nation, we even have a festival related to colours. This festival is celebrated by majority of the country regardless of any religion. This is also an amazing thing about India. This year it is around the corner, on 28th of March it will begin with Holika Dahan and on the next day our nation will be playing with colours, that day is called Holi.

Rudra Astrology Center has come up with an amazing concept by analysing the positions of planets for you to play this festival according to your Sun Sign. So, read the best way for you to celebrate HOLI.


The Festival of Colours “HolI”

Every year, this festival is celebrated on the day after Poornima (The Full Moon Night) in the month of March. It is related to Land’s fertility and upcoming harvestings. In the very similar way lie other festivals in Hindu religion, it too has interesting background.


Background of this Festival.

According to religious scriptures, there was insolent king named Hiranakashyapa, who had serious resentment in his mind against his own son Prahlad who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was stubborn to stop his son from this act of worshipping Lord Vishnu. He made uncountable efforts to murder his son but failed each time miserably. At last, he decided to have assistance of his sister named Holika, as Lord Shiva had given ger a boon of being immune to Fire. So, it was decided that Holika will sit in her which would result in only Prahald being burnt alive to death. However, everyone was left surprised as it was Holika who died of fire and nothing happened to Prahlad and he came out safely. It is the cause of having huge bonfires all over the on the eve of Holi. It is a sign of victory of good over evil.


Connection of Lord Krishna to Holi

In Mathura, Holi celebrated with immense excitement and devotion in the memory of a love story which will be remembered forever, the love story of Radha and Lord Krishna. It is a 16 days celebration which includes folk dance and music with processions. It all begins with Full Moon night. On the day of Holi, devotees worship Holy fire. Celebrations begin on the very next day and people start playing this festival with colours by throwing Gulaal and Abeer on each other. This scene can be seen not only in Mathura but all over the country. Everything looks so stunning and breathtaking as the atmosphere becomes enjoyable for everyone who is involved in celebration, it all happens on the streets of India. Association of this festival is with colours, fun, enjoyment, food and even promoting brotherhood all over the nation. It is a kind of new beginning for everyone as it also showcases to forget the past and embrace everyone with love and affection. Well, here comes the interesting part you have been waiting for so let’s begin!


How can Aries make this festival special?

Aries is controlled by the Mars. Red is the colour of Mars. So, it is the most important colour for you but not only this colour, pink, white and even yellow will be favouring you as they will be adding prosperity to your life. Friendly planets of Mars are Jupiter and Sun so must add the above mentioned colours. Moon will be transiting in Virgo on this auspicious day so, apply Tilak to Lord Ganesha before playing with your friends. Enjoy!


Special Tips for Tauras!

Beautiful and loving planet Venus rules. If you celebrate Holi by must having blue, green, white and golden your beauty will be enhanced and even your mind will become more generous. Avoiding dark colours will be beneficial for you, try to keep away from them. Make sure to use colour which are natural. To make this day more special, offering argh to Lord Sun will provide you happiness for sure before getting involved in the gameplay of colours. Enjoy!


What can be done by Gemini?

Mercury rules this sign. Green colour is represents Gemini. Go for this colour with confidence. Mix green with various types of blues and other shades of green too. Go and pray to Lord Shiva in the morning before playing Holi with anyone. Donate some colours and play with the colours which you may get from the temple as blessings. Enjoy!


Amazing ways for Cancer.

Very emotional and Loving Moon rules Cancer. So, you should stay at home and even invite your friends and relatives which would involve some mandatory arrangements by you to make this day special for everyone that you surely show your nurturing side. Involving white colour in water and even using dry powder will make your celebrations outstanding for having fun. Enjoy!


How should Leo Celebrate?

Hottest of all, Sun rules the courageous Leo. Yellow should be priority but addition of pink, red, orange and green shades will do it for you. Use all or any of them. Do not forget to offer argh to your sign ruler with Kumkum. Sun represents your father, so touching his feet to get his blessings and applying yellow colour on him will help you in getting relief from negative omen. Must remember to worship before playing Holi. Enjoy!


Important steps to be taken by Virgo!

You are ruled by the wise mercury who is known for perfection and communication. As moon in transiting in Virgo, you should must apply tilak to Lord Ganesha to obtain blessings by him during this transition. Amazing results will be there for you if several shades of green and blue are applied by you on your friends and family. These shades will attract fortune to you. Enjoy!


Making this Holi special for Libra.

Being ruled by owner of love and beauty is the good luck of this sign. Indulging in Holi by using colors such as pink, white and blue will remind you real happiness of your mind. Bright and Light colours are also meant for you. If you are married, begin it with your spouse, apply your favourite colour on them. Singles should pray in front of a girl child supposing them as Goddess. Touching their little feet and getting their blessings and applying colour on them will make your Holi memorable. Enjoy!


Do’s and Don’ts for Scorpio.

Intense water sign Scorpio is under the influence of Mars and Ketu. Loving colours is common for you, especially dark colours. However, you should go for varieties of red. For instance, shades of red to be used by you are rose and cherry. Other colours for you are pink and white. Go and pray to Lord Hanuman and offer him saffron colour with you own hands (only for men), women should just keep the colour in front of him, do this before getting coloured by anyone. Enjoy!


Suggestions for Sagittarius.

Under the influence of auspicious planet Jupiter. You can play Holi with various shades of red, yellow, saffron and even white to get blessings of you ruling planet. As Jupiter is the teacher, start Holi with anyone who has taught you a skill. If you have no such person in contact on the day of Holi then go the temple of Lord Shiva, pray to him as your trainer, mentor or teacher after this begin with your celebrations. Enjoy!


Wonderful Holi Tricks for Capricorn.

Under the control of Saturn, avoiding black on Holi is the first step to be taken by you. Make you holi colourful with vibrant shades of sky and dark blue, go for white and green even purple can be used. Make sure not to hurt or throw any colour on animals. To have a fantastic Holi, go to the temple of Lord Krishna and offer him colours and pray to him for blessings. This festival has connection to Lord Krishna and is incomplete if he is not worshipped on this day. Enjoy!


What should Aquarius do on Holi?

This amazing sign is ruled by Saturn and Rahu. As mentioned for Capricorns too, just avoid black colour. Use other colours related to Saturn such as dark blue and purple, you can add white also. We suggest you to go the temple of Lord Shani and pray to him to bless you. In order to please him offer blue colour to him. If you do not have any temple of Shani Dev nearby, you can go to Lord Shiva and offer him blue colour. Enjoy!


Ways for Pieces to enjoy this Festival.

Water sign under the rule of planet Jupiter. Picking the shades yellow such as butter, fire and lemon are to go for. Red, white and pink are also an option for you. Lord Vishnu should be offered turmeric by you to enhance the positive sides of your life and it should be done by you before playing with colours. Enjoy!




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