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Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal

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Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal

Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal.

  1. Placing Green aventurine & peridot in the North direction will bring growth, children’s well being and saving of your resources.
  2. Placing Citrine, Yellow calcite & Bumblebee jasper in the North-East direction brings abundance, growth of children & wealth.
  3. Placing Sunstone, Red garnet, Clear Quartz will bring fresh positive energy, power, influence & political connection for the residents.
  4. Placing Rose Quartz, Rhodonite & pink petalite will bring love, harmony, and reduced fights with family members.
  5. Placing Red jasper, Carnelian in the south direction will keep enemies at bay, debt under control & protect the home from fire accidents.
  6. Placing Smokey Quartz, Garnet, black tourmaline in the southwest direction with help with chronic diseases, protect the home from theft, and neutralize all the negative energies that accumulated in the home in a day to day life.
  7. Placing Amethyst, Sodalite, Tanzanite, and kyanite in the west direction will save the home from all delays, profession-related troubles and will save you from the negative impact of Saturn planet.
  8. Placing moonstone, silver in the Northwest direction will bring luck to women, improve their health, save from water-related diseases and bring money from overseas.





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