Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal

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Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal

Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal.

  1. Placing Green aventurine & peridot in the North direction will bring growth, children’s well being and saving of your resources.
  2. Placing Citrine, Yellow calcite & Bumblebee jasper in the North East direction bring abundance, growth of children & wealth.
  3. Placing Sunstone, Red garnet, Clear Quartz will bring fresh positive energy, power, influence & political connection for the residents.
  4. Placing Rose Quartz, Rhodonite & pink petalite will bring love , harmony , and reduced fights with family members.
  5. Placing Red jasper, Carnelian in the south direction will keep enemies at bay, debt under control & protect the home from fire accidents.
  6. Placing smokey Quartz , Garnet , black tourmaline in the south west direction with help with cronic diseases , protect the home from theft and neutralize all the negative energies that accumulated in the home in day to day life.
  7. Placing Amethyst , Sodalite , Tanzanite and kyanite in west direction will save the home from all delays , profession related troubles and will save you from the negative impact of Saturn planet.
  8. Placing moonstone , silver in the North west direction will bring luck to women, improve their health , save from water related diseases and bring money from overseas.





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