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Gemstones recommended for Taurus Ascendant

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Gemstones recommended for Taurus Ascendant

Since the start of human advancement, gemstones have dependably been thought to have magical forces. All the main ancient societies, Vedic, Egyptian, Mayan, and Greek, had utilized these vivid and sparkly stones for formal and healing purposes. Using gemstones as exclusively thing of enhancement and riches was a later advancement; yet, even this move of discernment, had initially a mysterious purpose for it. Gems appear to have an exceptional power, a supernatural quality that go past their colorful mirror.

In ancient India, various Sanskrit shlokas on gems are there. Gemological information are given in works like "Ratnapariksa" (actually 'Gemology'), and "Mani-Mala".  More particularly, the "Graha-GocaraJyautisha", the "Garuda Purana", the "BrhatSamhita", the "Agni Purana" are the writings managing planetary gemology. 

A planetary Jyotish gem ought to have faultless clarity, engaging shading, great cutting, and a sweet feeling or "life" that will without a doubt be felt by the individual picking that specific gem. When in doubt, it is prudent that the gem be of the finest quality moderate, and...the bigger the better.

Gemstones recommended for Taurus Ascendant

People with Taurus Ascendant can wear fourkind of gemstones: Opal, diamond, emerald & blue sapphire.

Diamond: For Taurus ascendant this is a life stone representing Ascendant lord Venus .It increases your confidence, improve you personality and also takes care of your health. It destroys all negativity and makes you shine in your life.For Taurus ascendant it will also take care of your debts and will also give victory over enemies. By wearing Diamond you can give the strength to your Venus and get all beneficial results from it. It blesses you with happy married life and all the luxuries in life.

Opal: For Taurus ascendant this is a life stone representing Ascendant lord Venus. It  takes care of your health. It will increase your confidence, improve you personality and give you strength to sail through turmoil’s of life .It will boost your metabolism and reenergizes you. It increases your sexual energies and helps to get rid of various venereal diseases. It helps to improve to your eyesight. It increase luxury in life and also improves your love life. Opal increases your charm and makes you famous. It also helps in making good decisions in life.

Emerald: For Taurus ascendant this is a 2nd and 5th house lord representing Mercury. For Taurus Emerald take cares of your accumulated wealth and assets. It helps to improve oratory skills. It also takes care of higher education. It improves the love life of a person. It protects a person from the effect of black magic. It improves concentration, and makes the intellect sharp. It helps in thyroid problem and helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body. It also increases flexibly and is very useful for sports person.

Blue sapphire:For Taurus ascendant this is a 9th and 10th house lord representing planet Saturn. For Taurus Blue sapphire takes care of your luck, profession and fame. I also improve relationship with father and bosses. It helps in giving a steady carrier and solid growth. It also makes person politician and famous with general public. It improves the soundness of your vascular system, nerve sheaths, cerebrospinal liquid, sense organs, or mind.



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