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“Mrigasira” Nakshatra according to Vedic Astrology

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Mrigasira Nakshatra
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“Mrigasira” Nakshatra according to Vedic Astrology

Four stars in Orion’s constellation are there in this Nakshatra. They are visible in such a manner that they give a glimpse of the head of the deer. This star is located in the middle of Taurus and Gemini according to astrology.

Natives of Mrigasira are gentle and charming. They are eager to gain information and knowledge about various things. High mental ability with exceptional intelligence is the trait of this star. Overextending themselves can be risky for them and they must keep themselves in the movement to create a balance of mind and body. Curious of all and lovers of a sense of humor. With their various experiences, they seek their perfect purpose in life.

Considerable Points

Natives of this star are witty, good at singing, and never lose hope. However, these people are always lacking to commit, flirtatious, and constantly seek attention.

Natives born under this star should worship Lord Vishnu. They should offer milk, nuts, and sweeten rice to Lord and then should donate it to the poor. Ghee Lamp should be lit in front of Lord Vishnu to get advantages.

Key Factors

The symbol of this star is Deer’s Head.

It is ruled by Mars and Lord Muruga overpowers Mars in this Nakshatra.

Gender is Neutral and Nature is Deva.

Mridu is the quality and It has Earth as an element.

Colour is Silver Grey and the Related Planets are Venus and Mercury.



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