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Mahabharat: a astrology perspective

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Mahabharat: a astrology perspective

While having a look at the ancient epics of India, Mahabharat is regarded as one of the greatest. Here, we will understand the characters of the story and the progressions that took place via Vedic astrology. It is evident that Vedic astrology heavily influences the philosophical and spiritual structure of the epic. Shastra will provide a crystal-clear view of the characters and their deeds.

A brief history of Mahabharat according to Vedic astrology.
The way the world and human affairs get affected through motions and the relative positions of the planets are examined by this old discipline. Various characters in Mahabharat are visually represented by their birth charts. This article will aid in understanding the unique events and their impact on the characters from an astrological viewpoint. 

1. Yudhishthira: The Epitome of Dharma
Yudhishthira was the eldest son of Pandavas, who took birth while Saturn was exalted in Libra, showcasing justice and order. The ability to hold on to Dharma despite tremendous trials, having virtue and integrity while facing hardship frequently, is the clear influence of Saturn.

2. Bhima: Mars's Strength
The influence of Mars provided Bhima with strength, a fierce temper, and martial skills. Mars is the planet of power and dispute; it grants him the power and courage required to face any challenge. Being reckless and having a direct approach are also signs of the qualities of Mars.

3. Arjuna: Blessing of Venus
Arjuna was an extremely talented archer, which is like the artistic ability owned by the planet of beauty, Venus. A helpful nature and balancing situations are the obvious qualities that Arjuna possessed, which assisted him in winning the battles through his crucial roles.

4. Nakula and Sahadeva: Reflections of Mercury and Jupiter
The twins Nakula and Sahadev had a notable impact on Mercury and Jupiter, respectively. Nakula's appearance was young, and he had great horse-handling abilities gifted by Mercury, known to provide intelligence and communication. Attributes of Jupiter are expansiveness and wisdom, which highlighted points of Sahadeva's knowledge and intelligence.

5. Karna: Influence of the Sun
Karna was blessed by the Sun and took birth with armor and earrings that reflected the strong influence of the Sun. Bravery, loyalty, and a continuous struggle for respect and identity were key points in his biography. The constant demand to be acknowledged manifested the Sun's energy.

6. Draupadi: Similar to the Moon and Venus
The common wife of all the five Pandavas serves as a perfect example of Venus' marital bliss and the high emotional intensity of the Moon. Her vast experience played a crucial part in the epic, and through it, she managed interpersonal relations and diplomacy.

7. Duryodhana: Under Saturn's Shadow 
Mostly gave a negative impression and operated under the bulky influence of Saturn. Contrasting to Yudhishthira, the qualities of Duryodhana lacked morality, which was empowered by ambition only. Unstoppable greed for dominance and power are the darker side of Saturn, which results in failure.

8. Dhritarashtra: Backed up by Rahu's Darkness
Dharitarashtra was born blind, which showcased the enigmatic effect of Rahu. This effect of Rahu was fundamentally responsible for illusions and obstructions. He was biased towards his son's moral flaws and was not able to accept the truth. Rahu played a significant role, as it created illusions and addicted him to materialistic possessions.

9. Vidura: Favored by Jupiter and Mercury
Vidura, a sage and advisor of the Kuru empire, was impacted by Mercury and Jupiter. Eminent intelligence, communication skills, and tactfulness were bestowed by Jupiter, while captivating communication skills were those of Mercury. The blind king and his sons were too dependent on him.

10. Gandhari: Saturn's Trial and Sacrifice
Self-sacrificing qualities were best demonstrated by Gandhari; she wore a blindfold and stood by her spouse under each condition. Pain, fortitude, and duty-bound devotion were manifested by her as Saturn's qualities. She lived a life filled with trials and fidelity, despite her boys' mischievousness.

Astrological activity depicts the events of the Mahabharata. Astrological timings in Vedic astrology make wise use of their pivotal moments. Crucial conflicts, choices, and various turning points can be explained by observing the heavenly alignments of planets.

The dice game
A particular malefic alignment took place when the dice game was being played, which led to the Pandavas' banishment. They were deceived and defeated. When malevolent alignment happens due to a certain positioning of planets, it can bring hardships and unfortunate results, such as the time of exile as happened in this incident. 
The possibility of Pandavas' exile can also be related to the hardships brought by Saturn. This difficult period was a must for the Pandavas in order to understand the unity, fortitude, and knowledge required to recapture their kingdom. Spiritual progress and freedom are associated with the energies of Ketu, the Moon's south node, which transformed them. 

Lord Krishna narrated The Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, during a battle, happened when Jupiter's position was transiting accordingly. Here, Krishna, a manifestation of Vishnu, teaches Arjuna the deeper lessons of the spiritual truths of life and his responsibilities. To sum up, it is crystal clear that cosmic influences shaped the characters and progression of Mahabharat, which are observed through Vedic astrology. The Mahabharata is always viewed as a knowledgeable story in which the planets play an essential role for each of the characters. Vedic astrology comprehends the Mahabharata as a profound spiritual science that explains the divine dance of life and fate, not just a tool for predictions. It can be understood that all the characters were being directed by the divine energies and were bound to do such actions. Intervention of Vedic Astrology in Mahabharat provides depth to the actions of the characters' and makes it a forever-going scripture in order to understand the power of cosmic energies.



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