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KaalSarpa Dosha


 The broad meaning of Kalsarpa Dosha goes like this, Kal means "Time" and Sarpa means "Serpent" therefore as per astrology terms, Rahu and Ketu are called 'great serpent'. We knew the story of Rahu and Ketu that Rahu referred to as mouth and Ketu refers to the body. The parts of the body got separated, all planets included in Lagna and confined with Rahu and Ketu hence it's called Kal sarpa yoga or Kal sarpa dosha. The people who are born with this fate certainly experiences ups and downs in life and also success and failure as per their past life karma.

Many people have this confusion that whether it is a dosha or yoga. Well, this is a dosha because it gives us unexpected results in life which may destroy our mindset or thoughts. According to their full potential, people don't see the results in life because all planets are within the Rahu-Ketu axis.

There are twelve types of Kala sarpa dosha and these types had got their effectiveness on planets and astrology of the particular persons. The below-mentioned points are types of Kala sarpa dosha:

1.       Ananta kala sarpa dosha

2.       Kulika kala sarpa dosha

3.       Vasuki kala sarpa dosha

4.       Shankuphala kala sarpa dosha

5.       Padma Kala sarpa dosha

6.       Maha padma kala sarpa dosha

7.       Takhak kala sarpa dosha

8.       Karkotak kala sarpa dosha

9.       Shankachur kala sarpa dosha

10.   Ghatak kala sarpa dosha

11.   Vishakta kala sarpa dosha

12.   Sesh nag kala sarpa dosha

Effects of Kal Sarpa dosha:

The effects may not be the same for all the individuals, it differs from person to person as per their astrology cycle. People who face issues under the influence of Kala sarpa dosha are –

·       Work gets delays at the workplace.

·       Visualize the business loss along with obstacles of business growth.

·       Health issues.

·       Mental state gets diminished due to stress and anxiety.

·       Marital life will be unhappy.

Therefore these are the effects we can find in Kala sarpa dosha.




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