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Love Compatibility between Aquarius and other 11 Zodiac Signs

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Love Compatibility between Aquarius and other 11 Zodiac Signs

Aquarius and Aries

The combination of Aries and Aquarius is definitely creative. It will be full of excitement and will have no space for dullness. They are opposite and attract each other. The conversation between them will always be amazing and treat each other like buddies. Their appreciation for adventure, fun and skills will bring them even closer. New experiences and activities will fascinate them. Admiring each other will be a part of their relationship. Aries will like the way Aquarius approaches new things. On the other hand, the impulsiveness of Aries will give a feeling of recklessness to Aquarius. Aries is all power, so the ideas which will come into the mind of Aquarius will be easily implemented. 

The nature of both signs is independent but Aries getting possessive sometimes will worry Aquarius. Generating trust will be the key factor in order to carry on the relationship. If there will be a sense of security, the relationship will keep on going smoothly. The bond of friendship among them will be quite strong.  They can even have fascinating chemistry if they are determined to live with each other. There should be a special vibe connecting them and giving them a reason to live together. 

Aquarius and Taurus

Fireworks are bound to happen when these two signs come together. It can be said that they may not be the best fit but the relationship between them will be quite interesting and full of excitement. Taurus could get modern from the look and habits still from the inside they are very traditional. Both the signs are very caring and try their best if they feel that something is going on wrong. Additionally, Aquarius is very futuristic and love to do the planning. As they are fixed signs, they do not get comfortable with change and love to stick with their predefined concepts.

They have a great feeling of possession of the things which belong to them. They never like to get dominated by anyone. As both of them are practical, they may struggle to understand each other emotionally. From the astrological viewpoint, they can struggle to meet at various stages of their relationship. Initially, the relationship may go great but after facing a few hiccups, it may struggle to survive. If constant conflicts keep on happening, it may lead to differences and bitterness. The thing which can keep this bond going on is understanding and compromise with circumstances and each other.

Aquarius and Gemini

It is a fascinating match as they are air signs. They are highly compatible. There will be passion, devotion and love between the signs. The craving for independence will always be there and it is the most common trait among these two signs. They are extremely innovative and would love to brainstorm. Giving each other due respect is a must or they may feel negativity building up between them. The topics of conversation are never going to end between them as both are intelligent and love to talk. There will be a great flow of creativity. They will always give appropriate space to each other because they understand the importance of independence in a relationship.

There could be some hiccups in this harmonious relationship but it will not be a major issue because of their mutual understanding. Working together with great understanding will always remain. These signs are known for their sharp mind. Coming up with brilliant ideas is a piece of cake for Gemini and implementing these ideas will be done by Aquarius. Distractions will create problems for Gemini and Aquarius will always act as a protector for them. Proper utilisation of time and keeping the environment light with a sense of humour will be done by both signs.

Aquarius and Cancer

The first impression may make them feel that they have nothing in common and nothing among them is relatable. If the association is considered and deeply analysed, it has massive potential. Their association can even lead to improvement in their life. Their behaviour is completely different from one another. The air sign here likes being unique and novelty while the water sign prefers deep and calm emotions. However, if they get determined to stay together, they can learn so much from each other and live a great life together. The match is unpredictable and interesting. 

Cancer likes being followed while Aquarius does not like to follow because of its fixed nature. Despite too many efforts of Cancer, Aquarius will never understand the viewpoint of their partner if Aquarius has already got the things fixed in its mind. Moon lead Cancer always needs to keep in mind the nature of Saturn. The friendly part of the association will be quite difficult to understand. Dedication, passion and determination will keep the bond whereas the emotional part can create many problems. Morals will be displayed by Cancer here and Aquarius will exhibit routine. This is another strong point of the union.

Aquarius and Leo

This is the association of a mixture of similarities and dissimilarities. Both are intelligent and friendly. The passion of Leo and the innovation of Aquarius makes this association interesting and a possibility. Adventure and fun combined with a light mood with a lot of courage define their association. The risk-taking tendency in order to possess excellence makes this association very exciting. Fun on dates is bound to happen. Another similarity between the sign is that both are highly expressive and there will be a lot of love.

However, when it comes to emotional levels, things change drastically. Aquarius is very cool-minded, calm, patient, practical and even detached. On the other hand, Leo is extremely emotional and impatient. Problems at the emotional level are likely to happen quite often. Criticism and accepting the flaws between Leo and Aquarius in a constructive manner will keep on happening but it will make the relationship better and the sense of understanding each other will also improve. This duo needs to work as a team and focus on strength of each other. Sharing organisational and romantic responsibilities will surely improve the outcome of the association because both of them have enough intelligence to do so.

Aquarius and Virgo

The combination of these two signs is risky as both are polar opposites of each other. One likes to make a chaotic situation perfect and the other likes to make a perfect chaotic. It can be said that the union will bring a lot of challenges without any doubt. However, they can do well if they take the relationship as a business partnership and friendship. Being careless and just enjoying life is the nature of Aquarius which makes the practical Virgo feel perplexed. Similarly, the too-orderly nature of Virgo becomes problematic for the absent-minded air sign. 

Aquarius always loves changes while Virgo is an earth sign and likes to stick to the same place for longer periods. The pace and viewpoint of both signs differ from each other while managing the tasks of daily life. If these two signs want a relationship that keeps on going, they must take care to work on the strength of each other. Both love to spend but Virgo does very well when it comes to managing the budget. However, it is a great match for creativity and innovation because Virgo is clever and Aquarius is naturally genius.

Aquarius and Libra

A combination of these two signs is exciting, adventurous and challenging. It is quite obvious that both are air signs and will showcase many similarities. Aquarius is known to introduce new things while providing innovation to that idea is the job of Libra. Although they have many agreements, they also carry a set of disagreements while coming together. However, they always have mutual respect and appreciation for one another. They naturally build strong mental and emotional connections which helps them recover easily from the disharmony and they keep on flourishing with one another despite having differences. 

The good thing about them is they will not hold grudges against each other and none of their disagreement will be longing last. Aquarius may assume Libra to be dominating while Libra may label Aquarius as stubborn. However, Aquarius will admire the balancing and impartial behaviour of Libra. The humanitarian goals of Aquarius will be appreciated by Libra here. Both signs are equally interested in travelling, children, arts and philosophy. The basic dissimilarity between them is their viewpoint. Here, both the signs are poles apart regarding different matters. If they overcome this problem, they can stay together at any place.

Aquarius and Scorpio

This union will be challenging as both signs are poles apart in the majority of things. Efforts from both ends are required. Initially, there won't be much positivity and also the outcomes will not be very favourable. They have the power to provide the things which have been missing from the life of one another. In order to strengthen the union, they should assume their relationship as a  business partnership. From the romantic viewpoint, the level of their emotions and desires are completely different and makes it difficult to settle down for both signs. As they have dissimilarities, they can learn a lot from each other.

They have the option to explore each other. High levels of emotions run in Scorpio but keep them to themselves only. On the other hand, Aquarius has a natural inclination towards being detached from emotions and feelings. Such differences create problems that do not let them grow and thrive together. As both signs are deep, they have the power to fascinate each other and the relationship between them may not be stable but also it will not be boring. They need to keep the novelty going on to stay hooked. They need to build a solid friendship with each other before getting involved in romance and the affection will surely bloom.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

This kind of relationship asks both the signs to maintain the hold or things will get out of control. Both signs will also have to embrace the difference and changes. Commitment from both ends is required as they are unique in their own way, so to maintain the hold they need to compromise to go all the way long.  Restrictions will not be tolerated by either of them. They are bound to go through the change and embrace it if they stay together. These two different signs in qualities can also set an example for other signs of how to stay together. Both of them are equally rational which creates a gap between them.

The relationship between their minds is much more wonderful as compared to their physical relationship. The fun of physical intimacy may be missing completely. In order to keep the relationship going on they need to be certain about having fine communication before they start feeling disheartened by their partner. They can converse about the common topics which interest them such as philosophy because both of them are thinkers and have such uncountable subjects. Here, Sagittarius may ask for nurturing and company while Aquarius can behave in a better and more independent way.

Aquarius and Capricorn

This match is equally conventional and unconventional at the same time. Their match may seem to be perfect as the qualities which one misses are possessed by the other one. This makes the matching of these two signs quite interesting. Experimenting and following traditions to pursue goals is what their association is all about. They may have different ideologies but their goals could be the same and make them stay together. The needs of Earth and Water signs vary from each other. Most of the time Capricorn would go only for the tried and tested techniques while Aquarius will try something out of the box and would love to experiment. 

This partnership is extremely rare with great potential but they can do well only if they understand each other and try to adjust. As they have different viewpoints, the clash may take place quite often.  Capricorn likes to have perfect status and respect in society whereas Aquarius does not care much about others and feels comfortable breaking the norms set by others. However, they should focus on ways to stay together because Capricorn is full of discipline and hard work and Aquarius on the other hand is a complete genius.

Aquarius and Aquarius

The compatibility of an Aquarius with another Aquarius is quite strange. Aquarius is known for breaking the norms, crossing the limits, breaking up and setting others free. So, Aquarius will know how to deal with other Aquarius here. The only way they can stay together is if they commit, understand, truly love each other and accept even if they find differences. Others may find it insane but it is believed that they have great potential to stay together. For the sake of the world, they may never leave each other but there will be a lack of emotional attachment and the loving and emotional bond may be completely missing. If they can overcome such scenarios, the sky is the limit. 

Another unbelievable fact is that although they are the same signs, they may have different values and interests which may frustrate both partners. They are bound to value something according to the way they are raised. The similarity between them is that both will value freedom. On the other hand, there will be plenty of things where they may not agree with each other and find the relationship a disgrace. Ups and downs will often take place in this association.

Aquarius and Pisces

Pisces is a water sign and Aquarius is airy. N number of possibilities can be supposed here. Both of them have the ability to explore the secrets of the universe together as Pisces is dreamy and Aquarius loves experimenting. Comfort, love, nurturing and nostalgia are searched by Pisces while Aquarius embraces change, incredibility and dynamism. A realm of magic can be created with the philosophical nature of Aquarius and the imaginary and dreamy viewpoints of Pisces. Another common thing about Aquarius and Pisces is that both feel uncomfortable with the outer world. This is when both of them start to feel content with each other.

The relationship between them can work in an amazing manner of course if they focus on improving one another and not criticise one another. Here Aquarius will aid Pisces to come out of the dreamy world and embrace the world of detachment and take things in a light manner. Too many demands by Pisces will surely irritate Aquarius and keep the relationship on the back foot. Highly sentimental Pisces may not be able to cope with the nature of Aquarius which talks about moving on and staying detached.



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