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Hidden meaning of 8th House in astrology

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Hidden meaning of 8th House in astrology

8th house in astrology deal with sudden transformation, death, longevity, sex , the occult, healing ,research , inheritance, lottery , sudden gains, taboos , secret enemies fears, insecurity & anxieties in the life.

Being a part of Moksha triangle it also represents inner transformation, death of ego, selflessness & Samadhi. It is most important house spiritually. Mars & ketu is lord of this house. Here mars represent the latent serpent power (kundalini Shakti) getting activated & transforming self through activating the chakras or inner power centers. Ketu represent surrender, here ketu surrenders to the hidden forces, sudden changes & rebirth. It’s the house of death, the experience of “not being” that why it also represents Samadhi. It represents all the hidden forces of nature & study of them, so astrology, pranic healing, reiki , tarot & also study of quantum mechanics come under this house. It represents all the researcher as they reveal the unknown to people.

Sun in the 8th house: This is not a good position for signification of soul. The person lives a hard & difficult life. The native involves in secret vices & scandals. Week eyesight. Has few children & is sick often. If in good sign gets benefits from government, gains after marriage & inheritance from father. The native suffers from piles, heat, bile & heart diseases.

Moon in 8th house: 8th house is marana karka sthan for the 8th house. Moon is very week in this house. It makes native short lived, have chronic diseases, indigestion, hernia, diabetes and blood poisoning. Person has charitable nature, spendthrift & jovial. In cancer sign the person is long lived. Tendency of occultism is there, if strong give psychic powers.

Mars in 8th house: It’s not a good position of mars. Mars here form strong kuja dosha. In own house mars give hidden & black money. Mars here indicates violent or sudden death. In fiery sign, death by fire accident in airy sign death by metal diseases .It gives incurable diseases, venereal diseases, disorder of blood. Well placed mars makes one a successful politician.

Mercury in 8th house: Mercury here forms kuldeepak yog. Here mercury gives wealth & fame; it is a part of Lagna adhi yog.The native is famous for his qualities. If sun is in conjunct with mercury in this house it gives royal favors & reputation in public. The native is truth loving and has a distinguished personality. Has wealth and property. The Death is peaceful. If afflicted with Mars & Saturn give nervous disorder.

Jupiter in 8th house: If in own house, makes one a mystic and the native choses a path celestial. One becomes mean, self-interested & spoil other peoples work. He will be unhappy, generous and long lived. The native have a peaceful death.

Venus in the 8th house:  A benefic in the eight house in not good .The native  has a long life & a peaceful end. The aspect of Venus on the 2nd house promises wealth. It also forms part of Langa Adhi yog. Venus in conjunction with Saturn in the house causes impotency. If afflicted give kidney problem , diabetes , obesity or urinary problems.

Saturn  in the 8th house:  Saturn being a natural malefic is not good in the 8th house. Its 3rd aspect on the 10 house is not good for profession & fame , it 7 th aspect on the 2nd house is not good for wealth , its 10th aspect on the 5th house delays child birth or sometimes deny it. But ayush karak Saturn in the 8th house gives long life. The native is lazy , he has few children & has week eyesight . Saturn in the 8th house give chronic diseases .

Rahu in the 8th house:  The native has bad reputation & is infamous with the bosses. The native is hot headed, un diplomatic & a liar. The native suffers from gastritis, stomach problem. The native has a happy old age.

Ketu in the 8th house: The native gains wealth from the government & is long lived. The native is separated from the friends, and may face much opposition. The native suffers from piles, fistula and diseases of teeth. The native may develop psychic powers & is good in occult sciences.


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