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Do(s) and Don’t(s) while Pitra Paksha is going on -

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Pitra Paksha
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Do(s) and Don’t(s) while Pitra Paksha is going on -

Pitra Paksha is a period devoted to the departed souls. During this period, one can ask for forgiveness from them, please them and get some relief from Pitra Dosh (Curse of Ancestors). It should be done by all family members but it is very important for those individuals who have a combination or combinations of Pitra Dosh in their birth chart.

At this period, one can commit several mistakes. So, by this post we provide you Do’s and Don’ts while Pitra Paksha is going on - 


Do(s) -

  • You must treat every living being well by providing them love and respect as your ancestors have the power to visit you in any form.

  • Maintaining celibacy is very important.

  • Keep your mind calm and try not to speak too much. Also, be cooperative, kind, and courteous.

  • Offer food to every needy around you. We recommend you to not ignore even animals such as Dogs, Ants, Milk, and birds.

  • While having meals it is beneficial to have only one serving of food.


Don’t(s) -

  • Consuming non-vegetarian food is restricted. It is also advised to prohibit ingredients like black salt, cucumber, onion, chana, garlic, masoor dal, etc.

  • Avoid drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other such eatables.

  • Cutting of hair, shaving the beard, or cutting of nails is also restrained.

  • Do not buy any luxurious item such as a vehicle, jewelry, or home.

  • Do not plan any function at home or anywhere.

  • Do not perform Shradh during dawn, dusk, evening, and night.



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