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Sagittarius New Year Horoscope 2023

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.Sagittarius yearly horoscope 2023
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Sagittarius New Year Horoscope 2023

Saggitarius Yearly Horoscope 2023


Well-being and Disease

Jupiter is the most important planet in your horoscope as it is the Lord of the 1st and 4th houses. It is currently in its own sign Pisces in the 4th house. This position is considered to be very strong. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is taking place in Sagittarius this year. At the beginning of the year, you need to be very cautious about your health. Health problems are likely to remain till March. Those suffering from cardiac issues need to take special precautions till then. Those who have been suffering from skin infections will feel much better after March of 2023. The rest of the year will be much easier in terms of health as compared to the initial phase. If the mother of the native has been going through any kind of ailment, she will find improvement in her health due to your placement. There will be immense help from Jupiter due to its powerful position. 

Those who follow a good lifestyle which includes exercise and good eating habits with the right amount of sleep will be able to face any problems which may happen in the outer world. Meditation and Yoga will you keep your energy levels balanced. After bathing, you should bestow water to the Sun. To gain tremendous benefits you must do this remedy during this whole period. 


Life and Joyfulness

Jupiter is the controller of happiness in your horoscope and is also the ruler of the 1st house. You will already feel like having luxury but you may feel that pleasure and happiness are missing from your life and the reason could become a mystery for you. Due to such a position, one of your family members will be feeling peace and this would make you feel at peace. You will help others with getting a new place for living but you will have to wait. There is a high chance that people around you will feel blessed to have you around because of your cooperative nature during this period and you will be able to build a long-lasting relationship with them. Obtaining an ancestral or maternal property would also happen as Saturn aspects the 4th house from the 2nd house of your horoscope.


Religion and Luck

The Sun is the ruler of your destiny. At the beginning of the year, it is situated in the 1st house of your horoscope. The lord of destiny being in the 1st house is a great position for the natives. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is also very favourable. You will feel like having increased intuitive power. If you do not get desired results despite working hard, make sure that it is for your betterment. Your actions are the decider of your fortune. So, make sure that they are correct. Worshipping the Lord Ganesha will act as a remedy to curb the menace and eliminate the hurdles. To boost your luck, you need to please the Sun. Helping the needy, doing charity, taking the religious path and worshipping will act as a supplement in your life during this period. 


Business and Career

According to the yearly horoscope, it is going to be an average year from a career’s viewpoint. Mercury is the lord of your profession and is associated with the Sun in the 1st house. You may get the promotion which you crave but the salary will be much lower as per your expectations. Switching your job is not recommended this year rather you wait and grab the perfect opportunity. There are chances which show your professional life in trouble if you take too much risk. You better stay with the current organisation and get contentment from what you have. 

A different approach will work for traders this year. Rebranding, retargeting and creative marketing will be required even for the existing products. Inexperienced people may try to convince you, try to get away from them politely and do not get under their influence. Incorrect supervision and poor guidance may cause problems for your business. Copying the ideas of others is not going to help you in any matter. So, don’t. Keeping calm till the first half of the year is a better option and after that, you will feel things gaining pace. People who deal online and are in the business of e-commerce will do much better as compared to other businesses.

The Lord of your happiness and growth and accumulation is Saturn. It is conjunct with Venus in the house of wealth. There will be a good flow of money this year. Accumulation will take place as you will think twice before spending. Your important tasks and projects will go on naturally and you will spend only when it is required. Overall, it can be said that there won’t be any obstacles due to lack of money.


Married and Love Life

Love birds are going to find this year quite difficult. As the Moon is afflicted, achievement of love will be quite a task for you. The efforts are likely to go in vain. You could feel that your beloved does not value you, your efforts and your devotion due to the problematic transit of planets. The end of the year could be better. 

Those who have been into family planning may feel favoured by destiny in the middle of the year. The year is fine for those who have already been married. Mercury rules married life as it is the lord of the 7th house. It aspects the 7th house from the 1st house of your chart along with the Sun. As there is a good aspect from the Mercury, misunderstandings will get rid and there will be great communication between you and your partner. This year, you will be getting plenty of quality time to spend with your family if you have been staying away from them. If you worship Lord Shiva, your married life will get into a much better position and you may get bestowed with a child in near future.



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