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Libra New Year Horoscope 2023

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Libra yearly horoscope 2023
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Libra New Year Horoscope 2023

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2023

Health and Well-being 

Through the year, you are likely to have a sound mind and body due to a great placement of Saturn in the 4th house in its own sign Capricorn. Venus too will be in the Capricorn which will keep you happy and satisfied about your physique. People suffering from the chronic disease will also recover due to the association of Saturn and Venus. Issues related to the stomach may suddenly show up as Jupiter is sitting in the house of disease in your yearly horoscope.

Taking care of your eating habits is a necessity of time because you are likely to develop problems related to liver or gas. You may have to face chronic disease related to the heart or pancreas if there would be excessive intake of sweets or food rich in oil. Blessings of Venus are with you which will try their best to keep you secure though. Your priority should be health. The effects of such diseases will irritate your mind and body.

Ketu will be there in Libra till October 2023. The presence of the shadowy planet will keep you perplexed while making decisions. You need to enlighten yourself through meditation which is an indication to you by Ketu. To obtain liberty from all such problems you need to worship Ketu and Jupiter along with charity.


Life and Joyfulness

Terrific happiness and joy will be there this year according to the yearly horoscope. The transit of Venus in the house of happiness indicates most kinds of luxuries. Materialistic desires will get fulfilled by those who have been longing for them for a very long time. There will also be an ample amount of money.

Though there is surety due to the placement of Saturn, there will also be delay due to its slow movement. However, you need not worry. You may even plan to build your own house. Such miracles take place due to good Karma and destiny. You will feel like having several options around you.

You will also feel satisfied due to your performance and perfection. Cooperation from family and friends will act as a pillar in your growth. Various efforts will be put in by you to achieve your desired goals. You will be spending quality time with your close ones and buying your favourite family car. 

There could be a feeling of extreme need for love and affection. Oragnisation of the strength of your family will be done. Visiting foreign due to professional needs may happen or it could even be your personal choice. Your personality will also get better due to these visits. Your socialisation will become better which will make you confident. 


Religion and Luck

Mercury controls your destiny and is sitting in the 3rd house. Mercury is sitting with the Sun which would make you feel lucky. Religious activities will attract you due to the 7th aspect on the house of destiny. Religious and Spiritual activities will take place at your house. Various rewards will be given to you by your own destiny. You will feel like success awaits you.


Business and Career

Time is not helpful for those who are professionals, unfortunately. The ruler of the 10th house is conjunct with Rahu, the shadowy planet in the 7th house. There could be changes in your professional life due to such changes but things will start to get better in the middle of the year. The end of this year will be much better for the natives.

Those who are craving promotion may get it after the middle of this year if they try hard for it. Switching jobs after the middle of 2023 will be possible if you are looking for it. However, don’t expect recklessness. We suggest you not take too many risks in your professional. Do not take too many risks unless you are 100% sure about it. Your job may demand a foreign visit in the middle of the year.

Those involved in business will find this year profitable. Numerous opportunities are awaiting you to provide you profits and even maximize them. Things related to the investment will take place in your life this year. Expansion of your business will happen if you deal in land, electronics, pharma and hospitality. It can even expand to foreign if you try. Pisces and Aquarius may collaborate with you.


Married and Love Life

Saturn controls your love life in your horoscope. Saturn is sitting in the 4th house with the most important planet of your horoscope, Venus. You are required to be patient and true love is to be felt in order to bear fruit. Those who are looking for their soul mate will end their search in 2023. Mutual understanding and trust are key to a successful relationship. Do not go for infatuation if there is no concrete foundation built on truth. Try to build a personality based on power as everybody likes and respects power in one or another way. 

You will automatically become reliable and hardworking due to the association of the Sun and Mercury in the house of bravery. You will have to work more than normal in order to taste success in romantic matters. You need to keep in mind that your determination, hard work and consistency will help you rise romantically. Things may get better after the 2nd month ends. 

There are positive signs that your children may make you proud of their achievements. Happiness through children is there in your yearly horoscope. Those who have been planning to extend their family may have to take the help of medical science but this year is worth giving the shot. There are many combinations which show that in the month of May there could be news worth listening to from your children.

Married couples will not get too much favour during this whole period. The conjunction of Rahu and Moon is the major factor which is leading to several misunderstandings. You will have to respect the boundaries of your partner or it will result in more conflicts. Natives need to understand that every human is different. So, their appearance and thought process also differs.



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