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Leo New Year Horoscope 2023

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.leo yearly horoscope 2023
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Leo New Year Horoscope 2023

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2023

Health and Well-being 

The sun is the ruler of Leo. It forms a fruitful yoga known as Budhaditya which becomes active with an association of the Sun and Mercury. The sun is in the constellation of Venus which is the indicator of sound health. Getting cured of any chronic disease is also a great possibility. Venus is situated with Saturn in the 6th house of your yearly horoscope. Addiction to smoke and drinking needs to be curtailed this year or there could be serious consequences. In the new year, you will find that true happiness in life is a healthy body and mind. 

Aged natives may have to suffer back pain. Chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya is recommended to protect yourself from health issues. The majority of the year will be normal for your health but by the end of the year, it will become a lot better. Complications related to the stomach may start to trouble you when May begins.  Children and adults may not face any major health issues this year. 


Life and Joyfulness

Mars controls the happiness of your life. It is posited in the 10th house of the yearly horoscope. The ninth aspect of Jupiter will help you gain new possessions such as property or a vehicle. Your parents will always favour you which can boost your morale. Mars is aggressive and impatient but you still have to wait till the middle of this year for happiness. Mental peace, satisfaction and truth comprise your happiness.

You will be proud and highly satisfied with your work and progress. There could be a bad phase coming up between you and your father during this period but you will have to make sure that you be respectful to him. Disputed related to the parental property could get resolved and could prove rewarding for you. You are likely to spend a good time with your family and there will be immense support from people around you because of the way you will approach the growth of your family. 

Religion and Luck

Mars controls your destiny and is in the 10th house. You need to remember that Karma is everything and it changes a person’s fate. The association of Rahu and the Moon is not in your favour from the aspect of destiny. New opportunities can be created by the blessings of God and your Karma. Natives may not get inclined towards religious and spiritual acts. Anxiety can surround you quite easily. So, make sure to keep calm and have faith in God.

Convince your mind to perform religious acts to keep yourself well. Through these acts, you will feel calm, composed and even enlightened. You will make many efforts to attain peace of mind. Doing charity and helping the needy selflessly.  If you do so, you will be able to have a sense of satisfaction. However, while visiting a pilgrimage, you may meet a spiritual mentor. Your destiny will favour you if you will be able to control your mind this year.


Business and Career

Saturn has control of business and finance in your horoscope. The year could be full of challenges due to the difficult position of Saturn in the 6th house. The market will be questioning your worth and you will have to prove yourself. Redefining the line of products, brand positioning and innovation in business ideas is required if you deal in metal, oil or machinery in the first quarter of the year. You must make sure that you do not commit any sin intentionally and believe in your Karma. By the end of this year, it will turn out to be rewarding for sure if you follow the correct track.

Do not invest anything in any venture during the first three months of the year. Venus is the ruler of your job and career in your horoscope and is in association with Saturn which showcases a better position and prestige for you. Those who have been doing a job for a very long time will be able to acquire a good amount of wealth. Spending purposefully will become your agenda when it is time to face responsibility related to the family.

According to the placement of Mercury, there are high chances of gaining huge profit that would help you in future too but make sure you spend it correctly. If you are planning to switch or get transferred, it could backfire and cause serious trouble for you later in the year. Those who want to begin their career should wait till the middle of the year.


Married and Love Life

Jupiter being lord of your education is situated in the 8th house. From an educational viewpoint, it is an auspicious placement. You will be able to crack competitive exams. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will cause trouble in your love life. Those who are looking for their soul mate will also struggle due to this yoga. It is not a very favourable time for love matters till the middle of this year. There are chances of having positivity after the middle of the week. Those who have been separated from their child may get overwhelming news by the end of this year. Your children can make you proud if they have been preparing for something.  Even through your child, you may achieve fame, success and your social prestige may also increase. 

Those who have been planning to tie the knot should also get ready for it because Saturn rules your married life and is sitting with Venus in the 6th house. You are in the state of getting a plan who will not just love you but also understand, accompany and will be keeping up with you in every single matter of your life. The person is there to stay with you forever but you should have the ability to recognise them. People facing disharmony with their partners will surely get out of the trouble and the matter would get resolved after the middle of this year.



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