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Gemini New Year Horoscope 2023

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Gemini new year horoscope 2023
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Gemini New Year Horoscope 2023

Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2023

Well-being and Disease

At the beginning of this year, your ascendant lord Mercury will have an association with Sun and will be in the sign Aries. 

Special attention should be given to health till the end of March. There is a high chance that you may develop problems related to your private organs. You may lose your mental peace while thinking about the disease. However, the disease will not be long-lasting. The planet Mercury is known to be very gentle. There will be too much mental stress but there won’t be any physical harm. Try to be creative and focus on your professional life during this period.

Mars will also create some trouble for you as it will have control of your zodiac sign. It has the ability to activate disorders related to the body. However, Saturn will not let you face any major issues because it is in the 8th position. Minor problems related to joints, muscles or back may occur.

From the viewpoint of health, this year is quite average for you. Try to remain physically active and also take out time to exercise to stay away from these physical problems. Untimely eating and oily food should be avoided. To keep your ruling planet Mercury positive, you must worship Lord Ganesha and feed cows green grass.


Life and Joyfulness

Mercury controls the pleasure of your life. Natives will gain happiness when the planet is in the movement. Happiness can be attained through vehicles and property. Additionally, the end of the year will be much better in the matter of luxury.

You may spoil the happiness of your mother’s family. You may feel a lack of affection and support from your mother as well because of your own actions. There are slim chances of obtaining love from your soul mate and happiness through a child. You will have to make serious efforts for all this.

Visiting abroad and chances of going to higher education is possibilities this year. This year can a golden year for students who are planning to improve their credentials.  Numerous support from your friends will be unexpected. You may finally get to meet those who are your real well-wishers during the important period of this year. Be extremely careful while dealing with unknowns.


Religion and Luck

The lord of your destiny, religion and spiritual path is Saturn. There would be various circumstances when you will believe in your good fate and get to taste the flavour of your destiny to the fullest. Your religious faith and devotion will escalate when you observe that even your spoiled works are again getting in a good shape. Participation in religious activities will increase and you will also start worshipping more as compared to the past. Saturn is known for justice and truth. So, to attain the blessing of Saturn you will have to follow the path of truth and honesty.


Business and Career

Your job and career are controlled by Jupiter. Natives who will even put in a little effort this year will surely get their dream job this year. From the viewpoint of job and career, this year is extremely promising. Luck will be in your favour, and due to this, you may get an out-of-turn promotion. 

When you apply for any job, fair dealing is expected from your side. Opportunities will help you to increase your skill set. Working with honesty and working hard for your career is suggested. These traits will be beneficial in the long run. Working a little extra will result in a huge difference and the higher authorities will be pleased and encourage and appreciate you directly.

As the year begins, it is anticipated that a huge decision will have to be made for the betterment of the career. If you are looking for a change in your profession, the time will be favourable. Things are bound to settle by the end of May. Natives preparing for a job in private or government, you will attain it in 2023. There are going to be huge job opportunities in the industry of IT, leather, defence and education sectors. You should also think about attaining a new skill and standing out. Surpassing your competitors and employees will be a piece of cake for you. The year will be no less than a miracle.

Those who have business partners or are about to collaborate should keep in mind about making a fair and square deal. Retaining a partner or maintaining a relationship could result challenging for you but we recommend you keep on working honestly. There are chances that your partner may get confused which may lead to your business venture being at risk. Try to have an upper hand without dominating your partner. Worshipping Jupiter for the stability of business and growth will be helpful.


Married and Love Life

Challenges and uncertainty will be part and parcel of your life in 2023. Those who are single will struggle a lot while proving their worth and finding their soul mate. Those who are already in a relationship will go through uncountable ups and downs but it will strengthen the bond. Mercury controls your love life and will conjunct with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn.

To have a lasting love life, the demands of commitment, promise loyalty and trust are required from you.

Being deficit of truth is the real trouble of your married life. Fostering trust and a common understanding is required to taste the real essence of married life. There are many upcoming challenges struggles and challenges on the way this year. Keep in mind that time is not favouring you but the good thing about time is that it changes. Your patience and endurance will be judged during this period. Try to keep your relationship maintained and things will start getting better. 

We suggest you do certain remedies according to your personal chart but worship the Sun, the king of all the planets. If you worship Jupiter as well, you will feel much more relaxed in the matters of married life.



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