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Aquarius New Year Horoscope 2023

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Aquarius New Year Horoscope 2023

Aquarius 2023 Yearly Horoscope

Well-being and Disease

Saturn rules the sign Aquarius and will be in 12th with Venus when this year begins. As it transits in Aquarius, it will be giving you fantastic results from the viewpoint of health. There could be mild back or joint pain which will not bother you too much. We can say that any health issue related to the back and joints will be bearable.  

The transit of Mars in the 4th house may make you a little bit impulsive in nature. There are chances of not having mental peace and being disturbed due to tension. As soon as the transit is over, you will start feeling normal. So, it is just a matter of time. Due to this difficult position on Mars, the health of your mother may suffer and bother you. Her routine checkup is a great idea to keep the menace away. 

If you have been suffering from a disease for a very long-time, the conjunction of Venus and Saturn will be beneficial as there are high chances that it would get eradicated. Jupiter posited in the 2nd house in its own sign will be providing positivity to you. Make sure to do remedies of Saturn due to Sade Sati. 


Life and Joyfulness

Venus is the lord of the 4th house in your horoscope and controls the happiness of your life. In the initial phase of the year, it is situated in the 12th house and Mars is in the 4th house. Overwhelming happiness cannot be expected due to such positions of both planets in the beginning but planning for the long-term can be done and it will be fruitful for sure. Family, friends and society will be the focus of your happiness this year and you will be able to get the same from them. Your parents, siblings and other close relatives will be extremely happy and proud of you due to your deeds. They will also support you in various factors of your life. High morale, more focus and stability are likely to remain with you this year. 

Obtaining a new property or buying a new vehicle is indicated in your yearly horoscope. Make sure to please Mars till it is in the 4th house or your mother’s health may suffer. You will have to put in an untiring effort, strength, dedication and discipline in your life in order to attain the luxuries in your home. The association of the Moon and Rahu will inspire and boost you to achieve a new milestone in your life.


Religion and Luck

Venus controls the 9th house of your horoscope which is associated with destiny. It is situated in the Capricorn sign in the 12th house. You will get a lot of favours from your destiny this year. The giver of Moksha, Ketu is situated in the house of luck. It means you are likely to remain inclined towards spirituality and religious activities. It will provide satisfaction and peace to your mind. These things may happen in the month of May. 

Destiny favors those who work hard. You should believe in performing the action, you will notice favors from your destiny. Perform donations and noble deeds in order to obtain blessings from your forefathers as they are signified by the 9th house.


Business and Career

You should not feel surprised if you do not get your desired job in the field of your study. Cracking the competition will turn out to be one of the most difficult tasks this year. So, if you want to make sure that you prepare well and not get disappointed if you fail in the initial period. Test of your patience, wisdom, virtue and almost everything will be taken this year. We still recommend that you put in hard work and you will be rewarded. Ultimately, you will get your dream job after toiling. You will taste success by the end of this year.

In the month of March or April, you will be getting success for which you have been preparing for a very long time. There are chances that you may get a job in your hometown if you have been away due to professional needs. You should take steps in the month of March or later if you have been looking for a promotion or demand a hike in salary. You may switch jobs later this year but not in the initial phase. Quality jobs will be available in the field of medicine and electronics, if you belong to the same field, you may go for them.

There will be uncountable ups and downs in the field of business this year. At the beginning of the year, you may not feel that but after a few months, it could be realized. The end of the year could be more favorable. So, make sure you utilize the better time period.


Married and Love Life

Getting paired with your soul mates will be a piece of Cake for you this year according to your yearly horoscope. There will be enough satisfaction and happiness in your life this year due to the favorable positions of the planets. Those who have been looking for their soulmate will be successful. Married couples will enjoy one of the best years of their married life this time. You may also gain profit as the lord of married life is posited in the house of profits. Spending quality time should be the agenda of this year as the planet is in your favor. 

There will be a sudden increase in mutual understanding and trust. Support from your family and parents will be an add-on. Becoming a parent is a possibility if you have been trying for a very long time. In order to please Mercury, you will have to chant various mantras of Lord Ganesha if you face difficulties regarding your child this year.



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