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Ugadi panchangam 2021
  • 14
  • Apr



Health: Problems will arise due to a disturbed state of mind.  Live in an environment of positive thoughts.  This year, Rahu will be influenced by your zodiac sign.  Due to which seasonal diseases can come in the grip.  If you do not have any disease already, then this year you should not be worried too much.  There may be trouble with the chatter.  At the beginning of the year, hemorrhoids patients may have to undergo surgery.  Take special care of cleanliness.  Use caution in June and December.  Bile disorders can take birth.  In March-April, you have to be special vigilance.

Finances: You will get the best from capital investment this year.  If you are looking to invest in a new business, then you have to pay some attention.  Do not earn money through the wrong routes.  You should practice yoga regularly.  You should be cautious till 22 February.  There are strong chances of gaining money in matters related to the purchase and sale of the property.  You can make an idea to buy a new house.  Stay away from risky investments.  There may be losses in speculation and the stock market.

Family & Social Life: Rahu will be on your second house throughout the year.  Due to this, family members may face problems like debates and arguments.  Some negative information can also be found around June.  By the way, your social status will be very good.  Be courteous in your behavior.  Relations with brothers and sisters will be good.  Parents will support everything you do.  Marriage totals of a member are being made in the family.

Love Life: Take care of your spouse's health.  Do not disrespect their feelings.  Extramarital relationships may increase.  Young lovers can get tied up in marriage.  There may be some lack of mutual trust in married life at the beginning of the year.  At the end of the year, you can organize a tour somewhere.  After April, we will also formulate the idea of ​​family planning.  There will be some deficiencies in the relationship between October and November.  Take care that there is no aggression from your side.

Student Life: Finance can get great success this year.  You will get good results in the interview and competitive exam.  Will be very keen on higher education.  Students studying in small classes will have to concentrate in studies.  Avoid being confused.  One can get admission to higher educational institutions.  Chances of going abroad are being made.  Students have to work hard to achieve their goals.  Professionals of Ayurveda and Homeopathy will get great success.  Manufacturing projects will gain momentum.



Health: Women may have genital problems.  Natives suffering from diseases like diabetes will have to maintain their daily routine.  If the senior is fond of food, then control your tongue.  There will also be occasional seasonal fever and cold-hot-related problems.  There will be a possibility of chatter.  And you should avoid hard work.  Must also give a sufficient amount of rest to the body.  The first half of the year is not good for health.  Your health will be good in the middle of the year.


Finances: The year 2021 will prove to be economically beneficial.  The income of employed people may increase.  You need to be very cautious while making a business contract.  There may be some malfunction in the machines.  You should avoid lending this year.  Some people may make an intention to misuse your money.  Being a teacher can impose partial resistance on your income.  You can buy some expensive items in April.  This year you will spend a lot of money on appearances.

Family & Social Life: This year, you will get a lot of support from family members.  Married natives will benefit from their in-laws.  But there will be some roughness in your behavior.  Will face family challenges well.  Your enemies may increase due to retrograde in the transit of Saturn.  There is a need to take some care from May to September.  Do not keep any wrong feelings towards anyone in your mind.  Travels with family may occur between April and June.  Beware of enemies of interest.

Love Life: Love will remain in your married life.  May have to be the victim of your spouse's anger.  It would not be appropriate to give small things to mind.  Try to boost the morale of the spouse.  There may be some differences at the beginning of the year.  Young couples will formulate the idea of ​​traveling to a tourist place somewhere.  Mutual understanding and trust in love relationships will increase.  Spouses should spend more time together.

Student life: The year 2021 will be an advancement for students pursuing technical education and medical education.  You can get a high position.  You will get a great chance to showcase your skills.  Be with teachers and mentor teachers.  Children will be very busy with their studies.  There may be some confusion regarding the career of the candidates preparing for competitive examination. 


Health: You may have health problems in June.  One can suffer from gout diseases.  Intestines and stomach patients will have trouble.  That is why you should not be negligent at all this year.  In April and September, you can suddenly fall ill.  That is why you have to take care of yourself.  To avoid viral diseases, you must take Ayurvedic decoction.  Transit of Rahu and Ketu in Dwadash and Shashtam respectively can cause health problems.

Finances: You should avoid big capital investment this year.  You may have to lose business.  Ancestral property can be obtained.  You should avoid lending transactions of money.  You have to travel business.  Businessmen doing business abroad will get the expansion.  Be a little cautious about the shadow of Saturn.  You must decide with patience and discretion.  Auspicious results will be available in April and May.  Have faith in your hard work.  Due to lack of cash, work can be stopped.

Family & Social Life: There may be some disputes in February.  You will worry about your honor and respect.  After the Guru's acceptance, you will be under stress due to financial reasons.  The health of any family member will be worried.  There will be some problems in the family in July.  Parents' health will also be a matter of concern for you.  Will be optimistic about the career of the child.

Love Life: The year is going to be very favorable for love relationships.  There may be a sudden tension in June-July.  The spouse will be reliable towards you.  Someone can accuse you.  The youth will have to control their emotions.  Stress may also arise due to wastage of money.  Love will increase in household life.  There will be sweetness in married life.  You may fall in love with a colleague in the office.

Student Life: You can get good results in the field of education.  Dental students can get great success in their careers.  For the desired result, you should concentrate and study.  You will get success in preparing for the exam for a government job.  The time will be normal till April.  Will be interested in teaching and learning.  In professional education, students can get campus placements.  There will be ups and downs in my career.  You can get a promotion in April-May.


Health: One has to be aware of health.  You may have to face health problems.  Catering and medicines should be given special attention to arthritis patients.  There will be more problems with indigestion.  Will be mentally strong.  It will be necessary to take care of the purity of the food.  Do take care of your heart.  Jupiter, the lord of the sixth house, will transcend both Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs this year.  Chronic diseases can bother you.  A new disease may arise.  Between May and September, you have to take special care of your health.

Finances: Rahu transit in your income place will be a very auspicious result.  New sources of income will develop.  Time is very good for making big investments.  Stopped works will be completed this year.  There will be a profit on the sale and purchase of the house.  The immovable property will increase.  Suddenly money can be availed.  You can take a loan to start a new business.  Do not get seduced by anyone.  In August, care should be taken regarding economic matters.

Family & Social Life: There will be a lot of support from friends.  Your relatives will encourage you.  There will be prosperity in the family.  There may be some malicious events in the family after the transit of Guru in April.  Keep good relations with your brothers and sisters.  There can be estrangement over the property.  The mind will be disturbed by the behavior of children.  Your image in society will be good.  Stay away from unethical relationships.  You can get rid of any debt after November.  There may be some problems with your sleep.

Love Life: There will be sweetness in married life.  Spouse will have a profound impact on your career and life.  Your behavior will be very good.  Due to the presence of Ketu in the fifth house, the lover may also be dissatisfied with the lover.  Newly married couples need to reconcile relationships.  Don't get emotional and decide to get married.  Do not argue with your spouse unnecessarily.  In November-December, there may be a quarrel with the lover.  If you want to get married, then you must have family consent in it.

Student life: Students preparing for the competitive exam should avoid wasting their time.  This year is going to do very well.  You can showcase your talent to the best.  2021 will prove to be very important for students.  Artificial intelligence and high-tech careers can be a great success.  Along with this, careers related to counseling will also prove to be good results.  If you are associated with the art field then you may get a big chance in the middle of the year.



Health: Sugar patients may have to face problems.  Diseases like jaundice can be disturbed due to transit in the sixth house of the Guru.  Before April you should take special care of your health.  After April, your health will start improving gradually.  But there will be a possibility of some accidents.  There is a need to be careful while driving.  In March and November, you will have a strong chance of suffering from health-related disorders.

Finances: Your position will be very good after April this year.  Consumption or destruction of father's property may also entangle matters in judicial matters due to old disputes.  You may have to repay some debts at the beginning of the year.  The people connected with the real state will get excellent money benefits.  After June, we will plan to buy a new property.  After November 2021, a big deal can be found.  Will solve the tax-related problems.

Family & Social Life: There will be an outbreak of minor diseases in the family.  You will have to struggle to make supremacy in society.  You will be very active in children's careers.  Ketu will transit your fourth place throughout the year.  This also raises some tension between parents.  Your relations with friends will be cordial.  In the month of July-August, your enemies may increase.

Love Life: Love will increase in married life.  There may be some stress in the initial days.  New love relationships can develop.  Emotional attachment will increase.  We will try our best to keep each other happy.  In March, there will be some concern for the life of the spouse.  Jeevansathi will get great success in their career.  Relationships between people who have bitterness in relationships can worsen.  Do not attempt to interrupt a third arbitrator.

Student life: The year will be great for the employed people.  The year is auspicious for the students associated with careers such as advocacy and chartered accountancy.  The business will fluctuate.  Avoid being a victim of politics in the office.  Do not invest big to invest.  Will try-hard.  The duration of projects related to iron and machinery will increase.  Work only while keeping the budget in mind.  Keep good relations with high officials and colleagues.



Health: At the beginning of the year, your mind will be pleased with the sight of the Guru on the birth anniversary.  Meditation and doing yoga will improve your health.  Liver diseases can cause problems for you.  You may have problems in the lower abdomen in the middle of the year.  You should avoid consuming strong food.  You will have to take care of your health as you go to the sixth house of Guru in April and November.  Your morale will be good.

Finances: People associated with the stock market etc. will get great benefits.  It would be auspicious to invest in gold and silver.  The first half of the year is going to be fantastic for economic activities.  Money can be spent in a court of law.  Can buy expensive items.  There will be trouble regarding land and property.  There may be a loss in business.  May have to take a loan.  There will be a possibility of vehicle theft in the latter part of the year.  Investing in haste can be overwhelming.

Family & Social Life: Family opposition may be encountered around April.  You have to learn to identify people.  People can conspire against you.  Your reputation in society will increase.  With the influence of Rahu's Navamastha transit, you should keep good relations with your father.  There may be some differences with the brothers at the beginning of the year.  The idea of ​​going on a pilgrimage with friends can also be made this year.  The totals of children are also seen to be strong.

Love Life: Try to increase rapport in love relationships.  Unmarried people can get marriage relationships.  Keep your feelings pure.  Conflicts may occur between April and May.  Due to transit in Jupiter's sixth and fifth house, there will be ups and downs in your married life.  Love and mutual support will increase between couples living in live relationships.  At the end of this year, the mind may get upset due to some change in the behavior of the spouse.

Student Life: In the year 2021, you can make big career changes.  Jobless people may want to shift to business.  The IT and software sector can get career advancement.  Trade-like imports and exports are expected to intensify.  Your expenses may suddenly increase in the middle of the year.  The chances of getting excellent opportunities for higher education are becoming possible.  Behavioral mistakes can give you a loss in business, rather than a higher profit.  Good results can be obtained in examinations related to administration.



Health: This year, you will be under the influence of Saturn's Madhya as well as the eighth transit of Rahu.  Rheumatic diseases may increase.  Diseases of bones can occur.  You need to pay special attention to health in the first month of the year.  The problem of natives suffering from arthritis and knee pain is going to increase.  Special care will be required while driving the vehicle.  Your lifestyle may be chaotic.  In the month of May-June, you should be serious about your health.  Do a routine check-up every three months.

Finances: Your unnecessary expenses may increase.  Due to the transit of Rahu in the eighth house, you will have to face sudden money gain and sudden money loss.  You will get the pleasure of the house and the vehicle.  New sources of income will develop.  You will get the benefit of investments by being in Guru's sight income space between March-June.  There will not be much profit from the sale and purchase of land.  You can buy jewelry and clothes.  Satya's demise in September could result in economic losses.

Family & Social Life: Due to transit in the second house of Ketu, people may be hurt by your speech.  Due to the combination of Saturn and Guru in the fourth house, there will be an atmosphere of peace in the house.  Your image in society will be presented as an intelligent person.  Try to stay away from legal disputes.  You will be satisfied with the education of children.  You can also get child happiness from July to September.  Take care of your mother's health.

Love Life: Love will remain in married life.  New relationships can come for the unmarried.  If there is a conflict in married life, do not keep any third as a mediator.  Love marriage may get family permission.  Can give some gift to the spouse.  Marital life will usually be normal.  Marriage totals will prevail after April.  It will be beneficial for you to stay away from illegal relationships.  Keep your feelings pure.  In the latter part of the year, your marriage problems will be solved.


 Student life: You should avoid business partnerships.  You have to be careful with unnecessary expenses.  The year is good for research-related work.  The first half of the year is not favorable for education.  You may also have to travel abroad.  Natives belonging to the mercantile industries should avoid taking loans.  There will be a lot of work pressure on the government officials.  Your income can increase in a private job.  You will get success in higher education after November.  Negligence in July-August can lead to arguments with high officials on the job.



Health: Those who are already struggling with many troubles will get plenty of rest this year.  New diseases may emerge.  May be troubled by mental anxiety and stress.  Keep your lifestyle restrained.  There will be fear of any disease in the mind.  Can come under the influence of infectious diseases.  Avoid visiting crowded places.  Women may suffer from diseases such as thyroid.  Asthma patients need to take special care of themselves.  Special care should be taken in February and July.

Finances: Your situation will be normal this year.  There may be some decrease in deposit capital.  Meaning this year your expenses can increase a lot.  Can spoil the money in tourism and purchase of unnecessary items.  You should avoid lending money to someone unconditionally.  At the end of the year, you may suddenly have money.  Entertainment and enjoyment will cost a lot of money.  The idea of ​​making risky investments will also be formed.  Being in the seventh house of Rahu, chances of getting money from any new business are also being made.  Your financial condition will be good between July to September.

Family & Social Life: You will be lucky this year from a family perspective.  The transition of Shani and Guru in the third house will prove to be a boost to your fame.  Will obey the parents' command.  A child can be born at home.  You will be pleased with the behavior of your brothers and sisters.  The mother may have some concerns in the middle of the year.  Your rise will be sitting among senior people.  One can ponder with them on religious and social issues.  Children will have to maintain some attention.  There will be a possibility of obstruction in their education.

Love Life: The chances of marriageable natives getting hampered in marriage.  There may be some problems in the marriage after April.  Even if there are minor tensions, resolve them by negotiation.  Even from the perspective of love relations, the year is not particularly auspicious.  Feelings of dissatisfaction may emerge in the mind.  Take special care around May-June.  At the end of the year, the possibilities of marriage will prevail.  There will be some tension in the middle of the year.  Do not let the debate and thinking of people come between your married life.  Respect your spouse's feelings.

Student life: The year 2021 is going to be quite favorable from the point of view of my career.  Those involved in technical subjects can get a good job.  There are chances of traveling for work-business.  There can be a lot of travel in March-April.  There will be less pressure on the students taking loans and taking higher education.  Students will be responsible for their studies.  You are likely to get encouragement for new start-ups.  You will not be satisfied with your job.  The idea of ​​changing jobs will come again and again.  You can get excellent employment opportunities between July and October.  Stay away from the company of bad people.  People associated with the art world will have to struggle.


Health: Sagittarius this year will also be affected by Saturn's half-and-half.  Sagittarius people will have to face eye disorders.  Saturn is also related to the air of the body, due to which there will be a possibility of an increase in diseases of the stomach.  Between June and September, due to the retrograde of both Rashi Swami Guru and Saturn, there will be occasional fear of suffering from fever and allergies, etc.  Try to increase immunity.  Your zodiac sign will be in a sinful influence between Saturn and Ketu this year.  Because of this, you will be very sensitive.  However, at the beginning of the year, you will be in good health.

Finances: Your financial situation can see a lot of ups and downs this year.  There will be some shortage at the beginning of the year.  It would not be appropriate to spend too much money at the end of the year.  An eclipse falling in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign can suddenly become a factor of money loss.  There will be fear of business trips being unfruitful.  There will be considerable money gains in the middle of the year.  Illness can cost money.  Take care when taking a new property.  To avoid financial difficulties, this year, do careful buying and selling.

Family & Social Life: Your respect and domination in the family will increase.  Take care of the health of the elderly.  Love will increase among family members.  Avoid getting entangled in meaningless disputes.  Your reputation will increase due to social relationships and activities.  Unnecessary running may have to be done.  You will get a lot of help from relatives.  Any negative information can be received in the month of March-April.  Secret enemies can conspire against you.  You may have to face opponents in July and December.

Love Life: There will be a lot of romance in married life.  Small things will be solved easily.  Life partner will get full support.  You can buy new jewelry for your spouse.  The problems of marital life will be solved due to the entry of the Guru in the third house in April.  However, one should be cautious about love affairs in July.  Avoid using harsh speech.  Some lack of happiness may be felt.

 Student life: The business of people related to the chemical and pharma sector will increase.  Children will take a very good interest in studies.  Students pursuing software and foreign language education can get excellent job opportunities.  You may be assigned difficult tasks on the job.  Hard work will yield positive results.  High officials can promote you.  Businesses related to agriculture will benefit.  May change career after April.  It would be beneficial to try to scrub your class.  Be honest with your obligations.  It would not be appropriate to use more in the last quarter of the year.



Health: You have to take care of your health.  Excessive anger can affect your health.  It would be beneficial to avoid stale and excessive oil-rich food.  This year you have to pay special attention to your lifestyle.  In the middle of the year, there will be problems with liver and kidney patients.  Between June and July, there will be fear of boils and pimples, etc. in the body.  Abdominal disorders can be born due to the fifth aspect of Rahu.  Diseases caused by bile can become possible.  To maintain agility and agility, drink hot water in the morning and evening.

Finances: It would be beneficial to invest in the stock market.  Economically, the year can be called auspicious.  Your bank balance will increase.  After April, your expenses can suddenly increase a lot.  You will spend a lot of money on the decoration of the house.  Do not invest big in metals like gold and silver.  Your financial condition will be very good from April to June.  You can make an idea to buy an old vehicle.  There may be some shortage of funds between June and September.  Do not borrow money from a family member.  Your income is going to increase.

Family & Social Life: Family members will appreciate your feelings.  It is not appropriate to run away from responsibilities.  But people will forget to understand you.  Do not be hasty to get your say.  Mangalik programs can be held in the house between April and June.  There may be some concerns about the child's career.  Your loyalty and seriousness in society will be appreciated.  There will be a good relationship between brother and sister.  Keep good relations with your in-laws' side.  Will make parents think about making the pilgrimage.  There may be some estrangement with the father in January.

Love Life: There can be differences with a spouse.  You need to take special care in July.  Those whose estrangement is going on in their married life will get an opportunity to resolve the quarrel.  The marriage of the unmarried will take place only after a few difficulties.  There will be a problem in agreeing to a love marriage.  In new love relationships, the feeling of lust will be more.  In the month of May-June, any old relationship is feared to be broken.  That's why keep your relationship normal in the meantime.

Student life: This year is very good for education.  But success is visible only after working hard.  Some new strategies can be made in the business.  Foreign trade will prove beneficial.  The early months of the year will be very good from a career perspective.  The obstacle in higher education will be removed.  Work patiently and avoid rash thoughts.  Will make ideas about plans.  The time from October to December will be very good for the people associated with the engineering sector.  Wealth will benefit from wealth.


Health: Sudden illness is being formed.  Due to transit in Jupiter's 12th house, you may have problems in the intestines.  Your health may deteriorate due to the retrograde of Shani and Guru.  A vehicle accident may occur.  Arthritis and constipation patients have to take special care of their health.  Health may be adverse in January and June.  You should avoid any kind of negligence this year.  If you have the habit of waking up late at night, then correct it.  There will be a risk of chronic diseases returning in the middle of the year.

Finances: You may have to spend extra money.  Hard work will yield good results.  Be cautious if you are dealing with any property etc.  Salary may be reduced in the job also.  It is also possible that you may suffer a loss due to your wrong decisions.  May have to take a loan for business.  You should start a new business with a lot of thought.  We will have to spend money on diseases.  The economic situation will be somewhat better between April and June.  Do not put your hands on major projects before April.  In the month of August-September, you can make an idea to buy a flat and land.  In October and March, you are advised to be careful.

Family & Social Life: This year also you will influence Sadesati.  The expectations of family members will be more than you.  In the beginning, you will face some problems.  A household member can go abroad.  Before advising someone, you should follow it yourself.  People can question your style of work.  You can buy land to build a house.  But do discuss it seriously in your family.  Financial problems can cause trouble.

Love Life: Do not let bitterness come into married life.  Will spend a lot of romantic time though.  Give enough time to your spouse.  You may fall in love with a colleague in the office.  There will be mutual reconciliation after April.  Forgive minor mistakes of a spouse.  Be clear about what you say.  Between July and July, the grand totals of marriage are being formed.  You can go to any delightful place.  Control the feeling of lust in your daily pleasure.  Do not take any special decision regarding love affair between July-September.

Student Life: This year can add new achievements on your part.  You will be very lucky this year.  New friends and relations will be formed.  You can get great opportunities to prove yourself.  After the second week of April, there is a possibility that the job search of unemployed students may be completed.  Your respect for the job will increase.  There will be very good growth in business.  But you should avoid greed this year.  Otherwise, there can be a loss.  You have to be careful especially in the month of May-June.  Contingency money may benefit at the end of the year.  Education in journalism and the IT sector will provide excellent benefits and career options.



Health: The health of the people of Pisces will be very good this year.  The reason for this is due to the influence of Jupiter in the eleventh house.  However, there may be some problems due to Jupiter's travel in the 12th house.  There is a need to be cautious in the diseases of phlegm.  To avoid diseases like corona, taking Ayurvedic decoction and Chyawanprash will prove beneficial.  If you don't care less then you will be healthy.  In March and August, the health may be slightly mild-hot.  This year, good chances of getting relief from incurable diseases are also being made.

Finances: The sum of money is being earned from new projects.  The financial decisions you take will prove to be true.  Do not think of making money through the wrong routes or else you may get into trouble.  You can get the money lent.  With the arrival of money, the sum of good savings also prevails.  If you want to build a house, then this year there will be no obstacle.  Profit percentage in business will increase.  Some unnecessary expenses may come up between October and December.  Property disputes can be settled.  The beginning of the year is going to be very good for you financially.

Family & Social Life: Your popularity in society will increase.  Relations with brothers and sisters will be very good.  It will be appropriate for you to work according to the parents' knowledge.  There will be new friends.  Your social connections will be strong.  Will handle your position firmly.  After the change of the zodiac of the Guru, there can be clouds of discord in the family.  A situation of paternal behavior and change in the home can be created.  In the first week of June-July and November, one may have to drink a sip of insult.  Due to the vision of the Guru in the fifth house, the child will get happiness.

Love Life: In married life, the feeling of love will continue to be strong.  There will be humility in your behavior.  Will not leave any shortcoming in the performance of his love.  Will give spouse or lover many times this year.  Unmarried people will have the possibility of getting married relations from highly reputed families.  You may get a little disappointed with your spouse's behavior in September.  You have to make many changes to make them happy.  Happy couples may get the good news.

Student Life: You can get great achievements in the field of work.  The road to progress will be paved.  Will perform well in the field due to maintaining confidence.  There will be opportunities to change jobs.  There are strong chances of getting lucky.  High officials can be jealous of you.  Natives pursuing legal education will have to struggle a bit.  Be clear in your thoughts because you may lack seriousness.  People preparing for civil services can get success.  The year will be very auspicious for the people associated with the film world and music sector.



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