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Octagon Facet Columb...

Octagon Facet Columbian emerald (3.9 ct)


Genuine and High Quality.


Emerald is fundamentally Beryl gemmologically with traces of chromium and Vanadium, which makes it green .It can have different hues from colourless,blue,pink and brilliant yellow contingent on the consideration. It is Beryllium aluminum silicate  Be3Al2(SiO3)6. It is found in granites, pegmatites and schists and additionally alluvial stores. The finest emerald is from Colombia. Different sources are Astria, India, Aystralia, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Norway, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. 

Emerald has hardness of 7.5,specific gravity 2.71,refractive record 1.57-1.58 with a Hexagonal  structure. 

The general impacts of emerald are related to brain, which implies it builds memory,intuition , intelligence and communication. Furthermore it enhances eyesight, body vitality, and immune system. It is helpful in decreasing pain, asthma, cancer,  ulcers, infections, childbirth pains, stress, eyestrain,  schizophrenia, paranoia, radiation effects, acidity, back pains, headache,  sciatica, and female diseases. Emerald also balances the breathing system, circulation, nervous system,  nerves, haemoglobin, adrenals, and pancreas.


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Zambian emerald (3.9 ct) (10000 per ct.)

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