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Weekly Horoscope March 1st – March 7th 2021

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March Weekly Horoscope Predictions
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Weekly Horoscope March 1st – March 7th 2021


•       Compared to the rest of the week, Monday through Wednesday are going to be the days you want to remember.

•       Maybe not days for the history books, but you're certainly solid-gold happy with the abundance of energy and creativity you sense around you. Or maybe you're embroiled in professional sports.

•       Anyway, you're grinning from ear to ear until Thursday -- a day of obligations and details. It's a great day to do something to get fit, though, and a great day for athletic games.

•       This weekend is relatively quiet, which will likely come as a relief.



•       As you watch the pompous people parade down the street on Monday, you consider them and decide to be tolerant. And anyway, there are times when you have been mistaken about others.

•       In any case, by Tuesday you'll be spending time around people you know like the back of your hand. People you love. Romance (and caressing in particular) figures into your life on Thursday.

•       And Friday, companionship and attraction remain key themes.

•       The routine of your weekend -- especially following such a jam-packed week -- seems more fun and stimulating than usual.



•       You surround yourself with like-minded people, and this week, your crowd is feeling especially cerebral. The conversation shoots into abstract directions and even disagreements, in these settings, are entertaining.

•       A light debate on Tuesday or Wednesday puts you on your toes and keeps you on your toes for the next few days.

•       Thursday and Friday you are careful and quick, although make sure not to let your face fall into a sour-looking expression if you stare off into space -- someone might mislead you.

•       This weekend: romance, energy, and a ton of new projects.



•       Why settle for anything less than the biggest and the best? That's your opinion on Monday.

•       And Tuesday and Wednesday. All big days in the spending department. Make sure you can afford whatever doodad it is you have your heart set on, and then enjoy your indulgence.

•       Thursday is a great day -- the lines of communication are strong, you're feeling social, the brain is working nicely -- and you're happy and relaxed on Friday.

•       Plans and details seem taken care of by the end of the week, but then Saturday comes along and everything goes out the window. Chances are, it will be a frantic weekend



•       It may not be sweltering outside, but you're burning up. With excitement. About everything. Share this incredible warmth of yours with your friends and hug them tight. How you ever got to feel this goofy is beyond you, but you're happy to enjoy it.

•       Wednesday is a creative day, but by Thursday everything changes -- your mood is still up, but your focus has changed.

•       You're introverted and thinking financial thoughts. You'll stay this way for about a day or two -- until the weekend, that is, which returns you to hugging your friends, jumping up and down, and kissing people enthusiastically.



•       The underdog has captured your imagination on Monday. You were a fan of someone else, but recent information has led you to change your mind.

•        You can be flexible, which is a good quality right now.

•       The only drawback to the flurry of excitement at the beginning of the week is that it will leave you exhausted by Wednesday afternoon. That's right about the time your week starts to get good.

•       Thursday and Friday are terrific, top-of-the-summit days.

•       Unfortunately, Saturday brings your fearless streak to an end. Indecision hampers you this weekend, but only somewhat.



•       For some reason, when there's a question at the beginning of the week, all heads look to you for the answer. You are tapped into the bigger picture right now, and friends, as well as perfect strangers, can sense it.

•       Tuesday and Wednesday are great days too. The details? Don't worry about them -- you're operating on a higher plane.

•       Thursday and Friday, show off your talent for listening to others. The way to be social is to ask a lot of questions.

•       This is the kind of weekend when you may find yourself blown away by some incredible art or architecture, and flirting comes into play on Saturday.



•       A challenge can be invigorating, but on Monday and Tuesday, the challenge you face stresses you out. You almost feel like demonstrating how stressed you are, but that would be flamboyant of you -- and flamboyance is not the way to go right now.

•       Watch yourself on Wednesday as well. Thursday returns you to happier waters, and a couple of unexpectedly free hours in the afternoon on Friday give you the time to make plans.

•       Decisions might be tough over the weekend, so the fewer you have to make, the better.

•       Don't feel like you have to exhaust yourself Saturday night. If the mood strikes you, stay home.



•       If you are traveling at all Monday through Wednesday, luck is on your side. There's a first-class upgrade with your name on it.

•       Cheerfulness abounds the first half of the week, which is why Thursday -- when a run-in with an authority figure or older family member rattles your cage -- will come as such a shock.

•       Friday won't be a banner day either.

•       But this weekend? This weekend, luck is on your side again. You are back in your comfort zone, and your friends are delighted to see you.

•       Sunday would be a fine time to make your life goals known to a new friend.



•       Monday might not be the easiest day in the whole world, but don't take anything to heart. What you're seeing may not be what's going on.

•       Still, resources are tight, and on Tuesday or Wednesday, someone may ask you for your last piece of gum. Whether or not you give it to them is up to you.

•       Connecting with a family member or old friend centers you on Thursday -- the telephone is amazing, isn't it?

•       Friday is packed with accomplishments and the resulting pride and good feelings.

•       The weekend sees you thinking nonstop about your career.



•       A strange contradiction presents itself on Monday; pursue it, and you may stumble upon a discovery.

•       Experiments and extraordinary strides figure into Tuesday and Wednesday as well -- you feel a bit like a mad scientist making a series of breakthroughs

•       But by Thursday you're more careful, taking care and covering the details.

•       You know as well as anyone that oftentimes things are not as they seem. Keep this in mind on Friday.

•       And this weekend, someone who seems to have little to do with your life will tell you a story you find endlessly fascinating. Amazing what you can learn from other people.



•       As long as you mind your own business at the beginning of the week, you'll be spared any unnecessary drama. Not that you mind drama. But you have enough things going on in your own life right now to let yourself be distracted.

•       Keep your mind from wandering, especially on Wednesday.

•       On Thursday, maintaining good relationships is more important than knowing all the facts. Trust your friends. Believe in your gut. On

•       Saturday, a small financial crisis encourages you to collect on an old debt -- as well you should. There's a chance that whoever owes you something merely forgot.




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