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Weekly Horoscope (3rd May to 9th May 2021)

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May 2021 Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (3rd May to 9th May 2021)

Aries -

·         On Monday and Tuesday, you will not feel like working and wanting to stay at home only.

·         In the mid of the week, your spirit will start to rise and you will be ready to face the world with your head high.

·         You will not hesitate to interact with unknown people and try various kinds of new things.

·         Career department will be quite okay for you but some good chances should be there for you on Friday.

·         In the matter of love, be calm if you are trying to approach someone, do not try anything out of the box.

Taurus –

·         Beginning of the week will be intensive and you will not be able to take things very lightly. However, hold your nerves.

·         Do not get irritated by others' achievements on Wednesday. Be on the right path to be in the good books of others.

·         Be kind and humble to your friends and coworkers by reminding them that they matter a lot to you.

·         Do not over socialize with your colleagues during the weekend as it could lead you to some heated discussions.

·         If you are single, you try to open up to someone you are familiar with and there could be a fabulous date waiting during this weekend.

Gemini –

·        You may feel concerned about your health when the week begins, so try to keep your mind relaxed than thinking too much about your body.

·        If you start searching about the questions which arise in your mind, you may find them unanswered even on the internet.

·        If you deal with anything related to stats in the middle of the week, make sure to recheck everything before submitting it.

·        There are high chances that you will be doing a lot of hard work which could give you some mental stress.

·        Try to b communicative with your partner as it will light up your relationship and you may also get to learn a lot from your love buddy.

Cancer –

·         Do not get in the influence of others on Monday in the love matters even if someone compels you to.

·         You are capable of creating a lot of mess with your thoughts if you get a chance to come out of your comfort zone.

·         If Friday suits you, think out of the box and make some fun plans with whom you feel comfortable.

·         Unexpected expenditures will make you feel uncomfortable at your workplace. Be cautious.

·         During the weekend, you would be wanting to stay at home and relax but Sunday could be busy for you.

Leo –

·         On Monday and Tuesday, you will be trying to find out some unanswered questions by digging deep into the matters.

·         Middle of this week will bring you fun, excitement as you may have succeeded in your motives.

·         You may come up with a lot of ideas in the office which could help in economic matters of the office. Of course, you will be appreciated.

·         This weekend should be romantic for you as it will help you rise in every department of life.

Virgo –

·         Monday and Tuesday will make you restless as you will be curious about something.

·         Mid of this week will make you feel sad and confused as there could be someone stopping you to achieve something you can with ease.

·         Do not be very unrealistic in setting your goal at your office as it may have some weird results.

·         Be very practical and real which will make you a star and likable at your workplace, be nice to everyone but not over the limit.

·         You might be going through some misunderstandings in your love life. Make sure to examine your feelings rather than find what’s going on around you.

Libra –

·         How to make money? What will make money? How much money can be made? That is all you are about when this week begins.

·         For this, you will try to grab a project on Monday and work hard for it. This will also set an example for others to work hard.

·         You will be planning everything to execute best in your office and it will be enough to grab the attention of others.

·         Thursday and Friday should be amazing for you as everyone will be inclined towards you and want to converse with you.

·         So, as the weekend begins, romantic talks can take place for sure which are enough to make your weekend better.

Scorpio –

·         Transformation is the meaning of Scorpio in astrology and similar things happening can be seen as this week starts for you.

·         This could result in you seeking help from your friends by trying to connect to them through conversations.

·         This change in your life may be beneficial for you and you could feel better about it on Thursday or Friday.

·         If any of your colleagues ask for help, just do it as it will be rewarding to you soon.

·         At the weekend you will try to baffle your partner as you might take the relationship as a game. Not doing it is our suggestion.

Sagittarius –

·         You will be reacting a lot according to your mood when the week begins but do not overdo it with people as they will not be tolerating too much of it.

·         Wednesday and Thursday will be happy days for you and your mood will also be lifted by others.

·         Thursday should be a normal or a fine day for you in the office but the end of the week could be rewarding for you.

·         Love department holds a lot of luck for you during this whole week just try to be innovative with your lover.

·         Weekend should be the best part of your week in every aspect.

Capricorn –

·         Challenges are waiting for you as the week begins but do not worry much as you will be able to overcome them in your professional life.

·         Even during the middle of this week, some impossible things will require your attention but again if you do not give up, they will become possible for you.

·         If you get any task related to research work at your office, just go for it as it will be highly rewarding for you.

·         Average results will be there when to comes to love as the beginning and middle of the week will not be fine. However, old school dinner at the weekend may do it for you.

·         If you are not into impressing your lover, just spend the weekend at your home to know yourself and feel delighted.

Aquarius –

·         As you are a highly ambitious and career-oriented person, you will be having uncountable thoughts about your office which will help you grow.

·         Just do not keep on thinking all this, try to get out of this and take the initiative to become social or you will feel stressed by Wednesday.

·         A lot of opportunities will be knocking on your door from Friday till the weekends. So, be optimistic.

·         If you start to imagine something different and want to experiment with your partner, do not hesitate.

·         As the week finishes, the warmth of words should impress your lover. Try to make efforts to please them.

Pisces –

·         If you try to be too nice to others, it could be risky for you. If you do not pay attention to the intentions of others, you could be in trouble.

·         If you start planning about the weekend when the week begins, you know something wrong is being done by you.

·         Keep your attitude positive towards others in the office and keep getting involved in the interactions going on around you.

·         Friday could bother you with money matters and may even occupy your weekend.

·         If anyone around you asks for romantic advice, do not shy away to give it. Make sure to maintain balance while talking and with your gestures if someone approaches you.



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