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Weekly Horoscope (2nd August to 8th August 2021)

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Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (2nd August to 8th August 2021)

Aries -

  • Preserve your energy on Monday and it is a fine day.

  • On Tuesday, you will have to work hard and double.

  • On Wednesday and Thursday, some great opportunities may knock your door in your office.

  • At the end of the week,  you will feel like moving forward in every area of your life.


Taurus –

  • At the beginning of the week, try to find out whom you like to spend the rest of the week with.

  • You may get a good piece of advice but you need not implement it in your life.

  • Think bigger in your office to know yourself better and have a better view of your personality.

  • Sunday will be a great day to get into your normal life and spend quality time.


Gemini –

  • You will be more focused on the things that would happen rather than concentrating on the tasks of Monday.

  •  There may be a lot of obstacles for you in the middle of the week.

  • If you are planning to move forward in your project; have guidance from your mentor.

  • If you got secrets about your love life; they may get revealed.


Cancer –

  • A lot of energy will be there in you but not the same kind of focus.

  • The middle of the week should be fine for a planned dinner.

  • Your potential may get misused in your office; be attentive.

  • You will feel great energy during this weekend; so plan something romantic.


Leo – 

  • Minor difficulties may appear as major; so, don’t panic.

  • Your potential will touch the sky this week; as your creativity will come out and flourish.

  • You may feel irritated in your office; if someone guides you about your job.

  • Your romantic mind and feeling will surprise your partner this weekend.


Virgo –

  • Monday may frustrate you as you may fail to understand others.

  • Even on Tuesday, things according to your will may not happen; keep calm.

  • In your office; you will start making the perfect moves on Thursday and Friday.

  • You should expect something new this weekend.


Libra – 

  • Beginning of the week; may ask you to keep your head down and keep moving towards your goals.

  • In the middle of the week will bring something special and surprising for you.

  • Your intuitions will help you to grab a better position in your office.

  • Sunday will be amazing if you are planning to invite someone for a special treat.


Scorpio – 

  • You will be trying to keep a secret on Monday.

  • In the middle of the week; your health will be the priority.

  • You may be able to take the advantage you are looking for in your office.

  • At the end of the week, one of your best friends may help you to get romantic things sorted.


Sagittarius –

  • At the beginning of the week; you will be looking to expand your viewpoints and other areas as well.

  • In the middle of the week; you will embrace the changes that may have taken place.

  • In your office; you will get a chance to showcase your creativity on Friday.

  • The ending of the week will be providing you with average results.


Capricorn – 

  •  If you want to have something you were looking for for a long period; you may get it if you ask for it correctly on Monday.

  • The middle of the week may ask you to pay attention to your family.

  • In your office; you will be able to impress your boss with the things you’ve done in the past few weeks.

  • It will be easy for you to impress your love buddy this weekend.


Aquarius –

  • Monday will give some anxiety and tension because of a hiccup in your cash flow.

  • You may feel a kind of conspiracy going on behind your back but don’t worry.

  • You will get irritated on Wednesday and Thursday in your office.

  • You will have an emotional and romantic weekend.


Pisces –

  • If you have started a new project; just do not rush to end it when the week begins.

  • You may feel like you are just walking on a path but will be reaching nowhere.

  • You should appreciate your co-workers and boss this weekend in your office to obtain better results in near future.

  • The weekend should be lovely for you.



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