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Weekly Horoscope (26th April to 2nd May 2021)

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May 2021 Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (26th April to 2nd May 2021)

Aries -

·         This week, in the beginning, will make you feel like a character of a fine story who is experiencing everything in his life.

·         At the start of this week in your professional life, do not try to go for any project on your own or you will find yourself stuck in the middle of it.

·         If you get to learn something new in your office, just do not hesitate to go for it, it will be fruitful for you.

·         In your love life, you are developing good chances to make a new connection with someone whom you already know or there will be a person entering your life.

·         During the end of the week, high reactions to your actions are predicted. So, try to keep your emotion under your control.

Taurus –

·         Try to be very limited on Monday as you could land yourself in a discussion with one of your friends which would affect you a lot.

·         On Tuesday and Wednesday, you could find yourself not getting time for anything as you will be busy at your workplace.

·         Be very careful while signing any deal or project if you are a businessman. Also, be very cautious about the way you speak to others while convincing others.

·         As you are a highly romantic person, the first three days could be amazing for you.

·         While expressing yourself, you will naturally be very convincing, generous, and flattering which could leave others stunned.

Gemini –

·        Starting this week is all about romance or some serious suggestions related to this matter as you could face some difficulties on Wednesday.

·        At the ending of this week, try to find out what your heart wants in this department.

·        Communication wise middle of this week will be patchy as you will find it difficult even to have a conversation even with your family members.

·        Money matters could baffle you when this week begins so be careful while checking your bills or making your budget.

·        Be polite to your coworkers in your office and make note of things which you find quite serious or mysterious related to your work.

Cancer –

·         You could feel sky-high on Monday as nothing will seem too big or unachievable to you, you are likely to make some plans in the mid of this week.

·         However, you are likely to make mistakes while doing your work. So, make sure to recheck everything before you submit it.

·         You could get a lot of opportunities in the end which could even inspire others to work hard.

·         If you are planning anything romantic at the beginning of this week, then you need to step back and wait for the right time.

·         Weekend could give you a good chance of dating someone, it is a fine weekend for you.

Leo –

·         When this week begins, you will find yourself as invincible in every aspect of your life.

·         In the middle of this week, you will need to find some kind of assistance from your coworkers, be sure to be polite to them.

·         By the end of this again you will restore your faith in yourself if you do your best.

·         Be it the beginning, mid, or end of this week, you will do fine in the department of love. Being nice to your lover won’t harm you. So, try to be.

·         If you get any kind of invitations, make sure to attend them with your love partner.

Virgo –

·         You will be busy with various kinds of activities when this week begins, it is suggested to you to be calculative.

·         If you believe in your ideas, express them with confidence and you may get an overwhelming response.

·         Try not to gossip even in your free time in your office as could lead to some debate which later could create troubles for you.

·         If you do not feel like compromising with your partner then be very clear but make sure to mind your words.

·         Even if you do not find any company, try to socialize during this weekend through which you will explore yourself.

Libra –

·         There is no problem if someone finds you worthy of those things about which you even do not have any idea. Just believe in yourself.

·         Being a little bit skeptical about your existing work will be natural for you and it would be fruitful for you. However, do not let others come to know about it.

·         If you find some issues, try to be positive and rearrange everything rather than creating any drama with your colleagues.

·         You are known for balancing everything, so why lag in the matter of relationships and your desires?

·         In this week, look out for possibilities that will help you to have better conversations with your loved ones.

Scorpio –

·         Be smart on Monday, if you find something is not going on right with your boss.

·         Be nice to your coworkers, it will surely help you out to get off some serious situation going on.

·         As the weekend ends, your tension will start to decrease and there will be fine results for you which will prove you accurate.

·         Being sweet, communicative, and compromising will make you highly attractive to others and through all this, you will be doing great in the department of love.

·         Even when the week would be ending, you will be full of romantic energy. So, why not plan a date?

Sagittarius –

·         Monday should be your lucky day this week, good luck and goodwill are set to be on your side.

·         Be humorous to those who try to condemn your actions on Monday, it will cover up the problems and you will be busy on Tuesday and Wednesday.

·         Giving and taking should be the key for you in the matter of questions asked to you on the weekend.

·         Desires of your heart will be overshadowed in the mid of this week, so try to be expressive when this week begins.

·         Try to have deeper and closer conversations with your love when this weekend.

Capricorn –

·         Do not try to assume anything about anyone because there are high chances of being incorrect.

·         Try to figure out what matters on Monday and Tuesday. Be firm about your principles.

·         If you are in the mood for any kind of celebration at the end of this week, find a nice company but do not exceed your or their limits.

·         Try to divide your focus on your loved ones and social gatherings (if happen) equally.

·         Saturday will lead you towards your goal with high energy and Sunday will be occupied by your friends.

Aquarius –

·         With a hurdle, the beginning of this week will take place which would be just a reminder that an adventure is about to happen.

·         Monday should be a fine day for your professional life, businessmen should be able to finalize their pending deals.

·         Those who work in an office are likely to get appreciation or even a bonus in the mid of this week.

·         If you are finding an opportunity to express your feelings to someone then Monday is the day. However, first of all, try to figure it out from their response first.

·         Thursday and Friday will be also romantic. So, again you get a chance to flirt with someone or even go on a date.

Pisces –

·         You might be doing well but others may not find it suitable. Be very compromising to gain respect.

·         Monday will provide you with the path and direction for which you were looking for at your workplace.

·         Do not get indulged in any kind of debate, discussion, or drama at your workplace because it would destroy the happiness of the weekend.

·         Wait for the mid of this week to connect to your partner rather than doing anything romantic on Monday.

·         Stay at home with your loved ones during this weekend as it will assist you to be to make your relationship better.



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