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Weekly Horoscope (25th October to 31st October 2021)

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Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (25th October to 31st October 2021)

Aries -

  • From the beginning of the week, you would be channelizing your all energies for the development of your destiny and you will be successful in getting the desired results.

  • In the mid of the week although there would be some tensions in handling the issues related to family however your main focus appears to be peace and prosperity in the family.

  • The remaining days of the week shall be excellent for the attainment of recognition from your aggressive and full-proof plan of action in your social activities and enterprising business ideas.


Taurus –

  • The mid days of the week are especially favorable for business plans. Your vigorous social life would help you get good business partners and associates with capable women. 

  • The concluding part of the week indicates good harmony between your mother and spouse. Your spouse would take care of all domestic affairs thereby making good plans for the progress and peace of the family. 

  • You would be losing your peace of mind because of the unwanted obstacles, however great recognition and success at the workplace would keep you going.


Gemini –

  • There would be an increase in your income for sure. You might plan to generate a new source of income for which you shall be getting the valuable advice of your children too.

  • The remaining days of the week shall prove to be extremely auspicious for your personality development, restoration of immunity, and health. 

  • Your enthusiasm shall be at its peak and you would be spending money on the up-gradation of your skills and personality development. Your confidence and working efficiency would improve.


Cancer –

  • The beginning part of the week appears to be auspicious for social activities but the required enthusiasm and confidence would be missing.

  • Your relations with your siblings, friends, and relatives would be average.

  • You might plan to take interest in some business activity but there are possibilities that you might drop the idea in between.


Leo – 

  • This is a beneficial time for spiritual practices and the blessings of the Guru.

  • The mid of the week is highly auspicious for the attainment of name and fame. There are great probabilities of attainment of reputation and social status along with power and position.

  • This is the right time to take initiative for creating a platform for the attainment of a rising career. In the concluding part of the week, you can expect gains from business/increase in income, consolidation of the source of income with government support.


Virgo –

  • The beginning of the week is favorable for getting the favor of seniors and bosses. There would be betterment in your work.

  • Your good relations with seniors shall prove beneficial for your career growth.

  •  The mid days of the week are beneficial in terms of earning more gains from business, increase in income, fulfillment of desires, happiness from children, and good relations with elder brothers.


Libra – 

  • This is the right time to make decisions for getting into a partnership venture. Your conjugal life shall be excellent.

  • The mid of the week is not favorable for your physical and mental health. Don't lose heart and patience during your difficult time. It is not an auspicious Muhurat to start a new venture.

  • The remaining part of the week would be better as compared to the mid of the week. You would be getting the favor of destiny and a lot of public support.


Scorpio – 

  • The beginning of the week is not at all auspicious for your health, happiness, working efficiency, confidence, and patience.

  • The mid of the week would bring happiness because of the continuation in the favor of destiny that you shall be getting for accomplishing your important tasks.

  • There would be an improvement in your health also.


Sagittarius –

  • The beginning of the week shall mark gains from speculative activities along with the establishment of your reputation as an eminent consultant.

  • You would be happy with the performance of your children in their educational field.

  • In the mid of the week, you would plan to visit a tourist place or a place of pilgrimage with your parents and children.


Capricorn – 

  • The beginning of the week shall mark those initiatives which would be taken by you for paying off your loans, settling disputes with enemies, and taking precautionary measures to protect yourself from diseases.

  • Your expenses might increase because you are going on a journey.

  •  The middle of the week is favorable for your marital bliss and compatibility with your spouse.


Aquarius –

  • The start of the week is favorable for the enhancement of your image in society. You would help people in their difficult times and that only would enhance your reputation quickly.

  • The concluding part of the week would establish your reputation as a very good consultant and your children would bring good news for you.

  • Your emotional relations shall be too good and your strong imagination would help you give birth to innovative ideas.


Pisces –

  • The beginning of the week is not favorable for your state of mind, general happiness, the health of the mother and domestic issues would trouble you.

  • The increased expenses would also add to your worries. Children-related worries would be more painful.

  • The mid part of the week indicates some betterment regarding the issues related to children thereby getting some relief from the tensions you are going through presently.



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