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Weekly Horoscope (23rd August to 29th August 2021)

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Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (23rd August to 29th August 2021)

Aries -

  • If you got any tasks to do; make sure you hurry up or someone else will grab your rewards.

  • The middle of the week will be quite useful for you if you want to do something extraordinary.

  • Your reputation at your workplace is likely to improve; so stay positive.

  • Make sure not to maintain high expectations from your love life this weekend.


Taurus –

  • Someone may try to keep you away from wealth benefits but you won’t let that happen.

  • In the middle of the week, you would be wanting to travel to a spiritual place and get relaxed from the materialistic world.

  • At your workplace, tasks given to you will be a piece of cake.

  • You will have great company with our friends during the weekend.


Gemini –

  • The chemistry between you and your lover will be on the highest level as this week begins.

  • The middle of the week will make you feel like you are the ruler of your destiny.

  • With the week coming to an end, you may feel like being perplexed by everything around you.

  • Your opinion will matter a lot during this weekend.


Cancer –

  • You may feel a lack of energy as this week kicks off.

  • Even during the middle of the week; you could feel that you need to spend time with yourself only.

  • On Thursday or Friday, your spirit may rise and help you develop a connection.

  • The weekend may bring some fun to your life.


Leo – 

  • Make sure to be polite to everyone you meet on Monday and Tuesday.

  • There will not be much to do in your office in the middle of the week.

  • On Friday, your life may become messed up with various people coming into your life.

  • This weekend will bring a new beginning to your life.


Virgo –

  • Mind your temper on when this week begins as it could land you in trouble later on. 

  • However, the middle of the week will make you compatible with others.

  • If you get tasks in your office; you will easily accomplish them.

  • You will rule your weekend; you can make it best or worst according to your mood.


Libra – 

  • You may feel that things are getting lingered on due to some unknown reasons.

  • In the middle of the week; you still would feel stuck because of the things that have happened at the beginning of the week.

  • On Friday, you may start to appreciate the things that have happened in the past and you may realize that they were for your good.

  • At the end of the week, your ideas will baffle you for sure.


Scorpio – 

  • Monday will favor you in decision making and upcoming days will be the opposite.

  • You may find yourself indulged in conflicts in the middle of the week.

  • You may have to make some bold decisions on Friday.

  • Make sure to reserve the weekend for yourself.


Sagittarius –

  • You may feel like someone is testing your patience as this week begins.

  • The same thing may happen on Tuesday too but it won’t matter to you much.

  • The Wednesday will make you secretive but then on Thursday and Friday will be the other side of the coin.

  • Your weekend will keep you busy.


Capricorn – 

  • You will be wanting to give more love and attention to your family when this week begins.

  • Wednesday will keep you busy and make you creative.

  • The evening of Thursday or Friday may offer you a small visit to your loved ones.

  • You are likely to have a fine weekend.


Aquarius –

  • Things will be on your side on Monday and you will welcome it with both the arms open to admire the changes.

  • You will be wanting to reserve the middle of the week to settle with the changes and discover yourself.

  • You may discover something unusual on Friday which could baffle you.

  • Your romantic side will just surprise your love buddy.


Pisces –

  • You will find that majority of things are unorganized and you won’t find the way to organize as this week starts.

  • However, the middle of the week will be much better and calm.

  • You will listen to your heart on Friday and do something creative.

  • If you do not find anybody to spend the time with; spend it with yourself.



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