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March Weekly Horoscope Predictions
  • 22
  • Mar



•       This week is likely to be an important time for growth and success. However, you may face some challenges in love and relationship, so try to spend quality time together.

•       Moreover, you are advised to have a proper plan related to money and finance for this week. There are chances of unplanned expenditure which may give a financial crunch to you.

•       Additionally, this week you need to be careful with your health and diet. There may be health issues this week, try to boost your immunity and avoid stress.

•       Besides, there are chances of short-distance traveling related to work. Communication and email may play an important role in the workplace.

•       Overall, this week is likely to be positive for you.


•       This week is likely to be important for you. You may remain busy this week. Hence, try to plan your things in advance in order to complete your work on time.

•       Also, this week is likely to be good in terms of money and finance. However, you need to be careful while investing a big amount of money on land or property

•       Moreover, this phase may be a good time for self-improvement and self-assessment. You are advised to be in a positive circle to get the peace and expected result. The practical approach may help in your study.

•       However, avoid aggression and do not overreact on anything. There can be a sudden argument at the workplace which can increase stress to you. A piece of advice, try to avoid sending mail or messages in haste, as there are chances of miscommunication.


•       This week may bring many positive changes in your life. If you are single, then you may meet your soulmate. But you are also advised to stay within their limits and not get carried away

•       Children are likely to make their parents and family proud. They may bring fame to their families. They are likely to perform well in academics, sports, or co-curricular activities. Parents should encourage them and spend more time with them.

•       Family get-togethers are also on the cards.

•       This week those who are seeking a job may be on the hot list of head-hunters. A fresh new approach may land you a new job that suits your work style.

•       Overall, this week is likely to end on a positive note.


•       This week, planetary positions are likely to be in your favor. Planets may help you to perform well in your career but there are chances of uncertainty. You may come across some obstacles that may not allow you to make the desired progress.

•       However, you may enjoy some wonderful moments with your soulmate but the middle part of this week will be sensitive. Moreover, this phase can change the equations of your relationship.

•       Your income may remain good but there are certain phases during this week that may require strict financial discipline.

•       Besides, this week is likely to be a good time for you to concentrate on your studies and do well in exams.

•       No major health issue is foreseen for you.


•       This week may make you aware of the importance of planning and a methodical approach to work. You may be prompted to take initiatives and become intrepid to soar over hurdles coming in your way to progress.

•       Additionally, there are chances of some problems in your personal life and relationship. It may have the potential to leave a long term impact on your relationship.

•       Professionals need to schedule their work with due deliberation and work accordingly.

•       The learning of new skills is likely to put you on the path to success in your studies.

•       Some old health issues may disturb you making you somewhat uncomfortable with your health and fitness levels.


•       This week may begin with some financial rewards for the hard work that you have possibly been worried about.

•       You may come across some excellent opportunities to progress in your career amid some stiff challenges.

•       Businessmen may not get desired success this week. Strong planetary influences might bring some good earning opportunities. Hence, this week may be a period of strength and financially productive.

•       However, your relationships may hit a rough patch as some serious issues may crop up in a very close relationship. Nevertheless, during the latter part of this week, matters related to love and relationship will improve.

•       Overall, this week is likely to bring average results for you.


•       The week is likely to bring mixed results for you. Ideas could seemingly pop out of thin air. You may plan something new to initiate in the field of career and new avenues to earn.

•       The stars may be in your favor and may enable you to open these avenues with ease. You are likely to make progress in your career from the mid-week.

•       If you are looking to get a new job, it may be the perfect time to work on your resume. You are advised not to be overconfident about your activities.

•        The week is also favorable if you are planning to propose your beloved. This week, you both may see happiness and shall readily agree for tying up the knot.

•       All in all, this week is likely to bring positive changes in your life.


•       This week may prove to be exciting for you. You are likely to be more passionate this week.

•       Also, there may be an enhancement in your decision-making skills. You may feel confident and make important decisions for your life now.

•       If you are planning to raise a family, the week is quite supportive of your decision. However, consult your doctor before making an important decision.

•       Moreover, there are high chances that you may switch your job or start something new. You are likely to be more focused and careful in all your endeavors.

•       If you are in a committed relationship with someone, it is a favorable time to take it up seriously and make important decisions accordingly. Overall, this week may be positive for you.


•       You have a lot of things on your plate this week, as usual, Sagittarius. Travel is likely to be an important event this week. There are chances of religious or business-related trips.

•       The former may bring peace of mind and the latter may be a responsible one and may be beneficial for your business.

•       At work front, the week may be less productive due to extensive traveling. You may spend time on meetings that may not yield the desired results. Ideally, prioritize all your work and schedule the time accordingly.

•       Family disputes are likely to increase but this will also meltdown as the week progresses. The only advice is not to use any harsh language.

•       However, try to avoid being less argumentative to others this week.


•       Positive changes are foreseen this week. It may be a good time to take a break and make some plans with your beloved this week. Take a trip with your beloved to a quiet and beautiful place.

•       Parents and elders in the family may be happy and proud of their children this week. They are likely to bring fame and joy to the families.

•       Besides, if you are looking for a job, then this week you may get a positive response.

•       Students who have worked hard for their exams or competitions may get the desired reward this week.

•       Moreover, sportspersons are likely to perform well this week in their respective events. They may be energetic and full of enthusiasm.


•       This week, luck may be in your favor. You may be able to resolve family issues this week and make your relationship with your family members strong.

•       Additionally, try not to be aggressive with your partner, it may affect your relationship.

•       This week there are chances of skin-related health problems, so stay cautious.

•       You are likely to invest in the share market.

•       Children are going to play an important role this week for you. Their presence will make you positive and happy.

•       Moreover, this is a favorable week for your business.


•       This week there may be some challenges in the marital relationship.

•       Additionally, you may have a busy schedule or work responsibility for your family due to which you may not be able to spend some time with your spouse. Try to have a humble attitude and be polite with your partner and spend quality time together.

•       Besides, there are chances of job change this week.

•       There may be financial expenditure on legal matters and health-related issues.

•       Also, students need to adapt to the changed circumstance. You may feel uncomfortable due to the change in place. Aggression can affect your study and health too. There are chances that you may get into the wrong company of people, hence stay cautious and concentrate on your study.



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