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Weekly Horoscope (19th April to 25th April 2021)

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April Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (19th April to 25th April 2021)

Aries -

·         With slow progress at the beginning of this week you will be overcoming the obstacles, just try to maintain the way of doing it.

·         In the mid of the week, you will try to speed things up with your communication skills and will be successful.

·         In your professional life, you need to be very careful while finalizing any deal and even try to delay it till Friday.

·         Try to keep your heart and mind in control if you are planning anything romantic with your partner at the starting of this week, mid the week is a better option.

·         Focus on yourself when the weekends as it will provide you a kind of mental stability.

Taurus –

·         As the week begins, you should be feeling very energetic, romantic, and fortunate but it will hardly last till Tuesday.

·         In the middle of this week, you will find yourself in a confused state and want to share your emotions with someone close to you.

·         You will be trying to resist your client, boss, or someone who has power over you by being stubborn on Thursday or Friday at your workplace.

·         This whole week should leave you confused as your partner will be behaving in a mysterious manner which will be quite irritating for you.

·         Try to keep your mind calm even at the weekend, as there are high chances of things not going the way you expect.

Gemini –

·        You will find yourself on an adventurous roller coaster ride when the week begins but you should not get off it even if you feel like losing control.

·        On Wednesday and Tuesday, you might find yourself surrounded by many people but there is nothing to worry about as they will be there for your betterment.

·        At your workplace, do not take any major step without the guidance of your team leader or senior because you are likely to make so many mistakes for which you even may have to pay later.

·        In the department of romance, try to be very precise about your needs at the starting of this week and on the weekends texting should be done very carefully.

·        Spend this weekend with your family or friends to keep your mood light at home rather than going out.

Cancer –

·         If you got some plans which may sound crazy to your friends, family, or coworkers then starting this week is the right time to share them.

·         During this whole week, you will find yourself stuck as you will be having many responsibilities on your shoulders.

·         While in the office, do not react even if you do not like something as it will create serious issues between you and the other party. Just try to use your brain to get an easier way to get out of things you do not like as better tasks are waiting for you on Friday.

·         If you are trying to find a romantic partner this week, all this should be avoided as you may get in some trouble by making wrong choices. It would be better to stay at home during the weekend and study for yourself.

·         If you are planning to go out during the weekend, make sure it's someone whom you already know and you are comfortable with.

Leo –

·         In your professional life, try not to mess with your boss even if he bothers you with his speech or actions.

·         Middle of the week will be interesting as your friends will be making all sorts of efforts to cheer you up and they will be successful.

·         Be cooperative with others in your office and come up with new and special ideas to get the deal done.

·         Be daring and expressive to yourself and your special one if you want to make things work out. Do not let your ego ruin things. The weekend should bring positivity to your love life.

·         Saturday and Sunday should be fine days for you in every department.

Virgo –

·         You may be planning to travel at the beginning of the week as you may have got the idea by looking at someone who is already going but there are low chances of being successful.

·         Try to explore new things when you are at your workplace because they are likely to pay you off when this weekends.

·         Financial matters in your office should be handled very wisely because they can land you in serious trouble.

·         Planning a romantic dinner or going on a date with your crush is not the thing to do at the start of this week. Friday should be perfect but try to mind your tongue while speaking.

·         Be open to the upcoming change on the weekends if it is related to the upcoming week.

Libra –

·         Monday would be an average day for you but on Tuesday and Wednesday be very adaptable if any changes take place.

·         Thursday is the day when you need to concentrate if any changes took place recently.

·         In your office, you will be very busy the whole week because you could get a task which could get you in conflict with any of your colleagues. Be careful.

·         Nothing special about your romance during this week except Wednesday. The last day of the week should also pay you something in a cute manner.

·         Overall, mixed results are waiting for you this week.


Scorpio –

·         If you find yourself on either side from where you have to balance, just do it as you have talent if they have.

·         Maintain a good relationship with your friend because he may be there to help you in some ways.

·         You could feel that your privacy is being invaded by your coworkers and you should try to maintain the distance from them. Opportunities would be waiting for you in the mid of this week. Just grab them.

·         As far as love matters are concerned, you should have a great week because there will be positive efforts from your side and even at the end of this week you will be very romantic.

·         Weekend could get ruined by you if you let your ego get involved.

Sagittarius –

·         Great communication skills will be showcased by you from Monday to Wednesday and you will remain busy all this week.

·         If things do not go in a planned way on Thursday, just change the course of your work rather than being clingy.

·         In the office, with your good communication, you will be able to make some fine contacts which could be advantageous to you till this weekend.

·         First four days should be romantic for you as everything seems to be great and the weekend gets even better.

·         To sum up, this week should remain amazing for you with very low chances of problems.

Capricorn –

·         Being an intellectual is very important in life but acting goofy is also fun. You will be trying to make the beginning of this week by enjoying it in a light mood.

·         Wednesday will bring some serious changes and will make you feel concerned with issues of your life.

·         Boring duties will try to bring your spirit down on Monday in the office but be smart enough not to neglect them and also remain cool.

·         You are likely to get an ample amount of attention from your lover or crush. Do not get overexcited if it happens, just procrastinate the date till Thursday, and after that try to make some plans.

·         A highly emotional weekend is predicted for you. So, try to maintain balance.

Aquarius –

·         You will be getting advice from someone very close to you which could help you in the transformation that you need.

·         In the office, if you are given responsibility; do not run away from it. It could develop leadership qualities inside which others would admire.

·         Try to work from your home only during the weekend if possible.

·         On Monday and Tuesday, try to understand yourself by not indulging in romantic activities. On the Weekend, you are likely to get your chance for meeting someone.

·         Dispute between you and someone close could rise. Try to listen to your heart and for it.

Pisces –

·         First three days will make you happy as there will be a spark of romance. Even on Thursday, you will be on cloud nine due to some fine reasons.

·         Try to work in a group on Monday in your office and make sure to get your work divided as it will speed up everything.

·         If you are looking for a promotion or salary increase, this could be your week.

·         Romance could blow up this week for you but be sure not to be clingy.

·         Be confident during the weekend, keep your confidence up as this week is great for you in each department.



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