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Weekly Horoscope March 2021
  • 16
  • Mar



•       This week may be favorable for you. According to stars, the week is likely to be rife with romantic potential, so be sure to fit in a date and propose to your mate. You may get the chance to meet the family members of your beloved. However, you need to give some space to your partner so that you can understand each other in a better way.

•       There are chances of unplanned expenditure on legal and tax-related matters. Self-improvement and analysis may give a new direction and aim to work this week.

•       Moreover, there are high chances of job-related trips. This week, there is a possibility of sudden transfer or some new responsibility at the workplace.

•       Students may have some expenditure on their research or project-related work. Also, self-study will be good for you.



•       This week may prove to be important in terms of analysis and foreign-related things.

•       You need to be cautious while spending a big amount as the sudden loss is foreseen due to unfavorable planetary positions.

•       However, there are chances that you may get a good proposal from a foreign or you may get an opportunity to work with big companies through freelancing writing or creative work.

•       You should remain cautious while investing a major amount in a new business project.

•        This week you need to be patient while making a major decision related to marital life. However, this week you may face some minor health issues. A healthy diet and regular exercise may help you to maintain good health.



•       Due to favorable planetary transits, you may feel appreciated at work and even have plenty of opportunities for financial prosperity.

•       You are likely to spend quality time with your partner, which you have been planning for a long. Also, it is a special week for singles as they may find their life partner.

•       You are likely to make many important decisions this week. If you are working in the accounts section, you may face some challenges in handling some issues. Politicians are likely to have a tough week ahead.

•       Sportspersons may get the desired success and may overcome all the challenges this week. There are chances that they may win all the competitions they participate in.

•       You are likely to enjoy good health this week



•       This week, you are likely to be more productive and effective in your communications with others than usual. You may be inspired to pour whatever is in your heart into a creative project.

•       This week may bring some sudden changes to your workplace.

•       Your income may remain good and some previous investments may also bring fruitful results. So, your financial status may remain strong this week.

•       Moreover, this week is likely to bring joy and freshness to your love life and relationship in general.

•       However, you may be emotionally vulnerable or your restless approach may disturb your social equations. You may proceed with your studies with great interest and are likely to perform well. But your energy levels may fluctuate and your health may remain somewhat sluggish this week.



•       This week may give you time to work with and consider the future of your financial wellness. You may have to make some smart moves right now. As the week progresses, you are likely to get many growth opportunities.

•       At the beginning of the week, planetary positions signal some challenging time. This may usher in an increased rate of success for you.

•       This week, you may plan your new career moves.

•       Your long-term financial prospects are likely to enhance.

•       Also, your relationship is likely to flourish and you may be able to strengthen your bond.

•       However, some minor health problems may bother you this week, thus stay cautious.



•       This week may have its ups and downs due to the sheer amount of energy the stars and planets are pumping out. You may face some challenges this week but, with your confident approach, you may be able to manage difficult situations efficiently.

•       This week ahead you are likely to make progress at your career front.

•       But you may have major problems in managing your money. Also, there are chances of expenses, on account of some social or religious ceremony but you shall have enough resources to manage this effortlessly.

•       During this week you are likely to enjoy harmony in a relationship and personal life.

•       However, you may face some digestive disorders, due to some irregular eating habits.



•       The week is likely to start on a good note for you. You may be happy with the way life will turn supportive, since the inception of the week.

•       Meeting new friends and even old friends is likely to make you feel comfortable. You may spend quality time with friends, but make sure you are maintaining a good distance from people who have ulterior motives to meet you and may even exploit you. However, you may be smart enough to negate their bad intentions.

•       Also, the week is good if you are planning to invest in real estate. But make sure you deal legally. Go through terms and conditions carefully before making any major investment, else you may end up suffering from its consequences.

•        Financially this week may prove to be progressive. Moreover, new avenues to earn are foreseen this week if you plan to monetize your hobbies.



•       This may be a dynamic week for you. Stay cautious and avoid making any decision in haste.

•       You may over-excite and thus may not be able to make the right decision.

•       You may also face some challenges in your married life. So, make sure the issues are settled on time with the help of clear communication with your partner.

•       Singles are likely to be happy as they may find someone special this week.

•       There may be an enhancement in your creative abilities this week.

•       It is a favorable week for you if you are looking for a new job.



•       It may prove to be a tricky week for you.

•        There are high chances that you may come across an influential person who may help you to improve your career and also your social status. Therefore, all you need to do is to keep yourself in the good books of this person. This influential person is likely to enable you to travel abroad and even help you to improve your social circle.

•       A small get-together is likely to take place towards the middle of the week. This may involve some old school friends or colleagues. This week you are likely to enjoy the reunion with your friends.

•       Make sure you take care of your health during this time, as you can be in trouble due to an unhealthy diet and improper sleep.

•       Overall, this week may bring some positive changes in your life.




•       Luck may be in your favor this week.

•       Your relationship may grow strong and deep. You may receive positive responses from your partner as well. You are likely to enjoy a good time with your loved one this week.

•       You need to take care of your parents, as there are chances that they may face some health issues. It is advisable to get a health check-up done to ascertain the problem.

•       Children may do well in their activities this week. Their performance would make the family proud and elated.

•       Those who are searching for a job may get good opportunities this week. They may receive some interview calls this week. There are chances that they may get their dream job.



•       This week is likely to bring positive changes in your life.

•       You may plan a short trip with your beloved.

•       There are chances of good communication with your siblings but don’t be rigid with your thoughts. Being down to earth may help you to build a strong relationship with your siblings.

•       Don’t be afraid to present your idea which can be very different and unique. That may give you success and recognition at your workplace.   

•       The marital relationship may also improve during this week. You may spend quality time with your spouse. A small get-together with family may help you rejuvenate your marital life.

•        Mental peace may get disturbed because of the workload and the wrong company.



•       It is likely to be a favorable week for you. Small get-togethers with family and in-laws are on cards this week.

•       You are likely to save enough this week and may also get financial gain from your family.

•       If you are in the job or business of counseling or sales this week may give you the desired success.

•       There is a possibility of a short journey related to work this week.

•       Sudden disagreement with a business partner may give stress to you. Try to stay calm and reply positively to your business partner. It may help you to get some relief from stress and improve your relationship.

•       You are advised not to make any major decisions related to land and property this time.



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