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Weekly Horoscope (10th May to 16th May 2021)

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Weekly Horoscope
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Weekly Horoscope (10th May to 16th May 2021)

Aries -

·       You will be lucky enough on Monday to get help and support from your friends. Just ask humbly.

·       On Tuesday and Wednesday, you will not be as lucky as Monday. Practice relaxation and calmness on these days.

·       On Thursday, managing both, home and office may become a challenge for you.

·       Have a good conversation on Friday and Saturday with your loved ones by expanding the horizon of topics.

Taurus –

·       Do not ponder over the things which are stuck for a very long time as it will just make you feel more uncomfortable.

·       If you find yourself in some kind of a serious problem with your; do not hesitate to ask for help from others.

·       On Wednesday, finally you will come out of the illusions and have a better view of reality.

·       Try to have a philosophical point of view from Thursday to Sunday with your love partner to keep the tuning better.

Gemini –

·       Being stubborn with your opinions and not agreeing with logical things will harm you Monday. So, why not be adaptive?

·       Middle of this week could bring some transformations in your life.

·       If you get a project at your office, just go for it as it will surely help you in the future as well.

·       During the weekend you will be having a lot of fun with your partner or best friend.

Cancer –

·       It would be better to follow your ideas over your emotions on Monday. Be decisive about everything.

·       On Tuesday and Wednesday, you will find yourself relaxed as you may be a little free from thoughts.

·       If you do not get the reward, you think you deserve; give positivity to yourself and keep calm.

·       If you need to isolate yourself at the weekend; then do it because it may lead to avoidance of conflicts and increase your productivity.

Leo –

· Your high ego and a lot of pride will be your problem because of which you might not get the desired results on Monday. Be humble.

·       You will be a great condition to listen and learn from others. Do not feel complex in gaining knowledge from others.

·       In the middle of this week, you will finally start to plan things and start moving forward.

·       Again, at the weekend do not let your ego step in when dealing with your lover.

Virgo –

·       On Monday, you will just be talking about the changes. However, you will still be on the same old path.

·       You will find some happiness and organization which others around you may be lacking.

·       If you get a chance to have lunch with your coworkers, just go for it and express your ideas.

·       On Friday and Saturday, you may find yourself with some tensions. On the other hand, Sunday may favor you in the department of love.

Libra –

·       On Monday, you will be having fun for sure and the reason may be your outfit.

·       Be generous to others at your workplace and it will help you in the future for sure.

·       Innovation and Communication will be your most attractive traits on Thursday.

·       Saturday and Sunday will be relaxing days. Try to socialize.

Scorpio –

·       If tensions are going on at home, they may reach their climax on Monday with some serious results.

·       Wednesday and Thursday will help you to come out tense and will keep you busy with various activities.

·       If you are planning to finalize any deal; then Friday is the best for all these matters.

·       Someone special may try to influence with their words or actions but the final decision will be yours.

Sagittarius –

·       Just try to be more expressive and share your ideas on Monday; it hardly matters with whom you do it.

·       Listen to others carefully as you might get some knowledge which you can implement in your future from their past.

·       Be realistic on Friday and try to manage your thoughts or you might land yourself in trouble.

·       During this weekend, someone may find you very attractive because of your qualities which would attract them towards you.

Capricorn –

·       Monday will drive you crazy; it hardly matters how much you try to plan or control it.

·       Tuesday and Wednesday will be sunny days for you and your best may come out during these days.

·       Keep up on your plans but try to change the way of executing them and you will have positive results on Friday.

·       If you are planning to go on a date with someone and they have some other plans; take it positively.

Aquarius –

·       Your excitement could be a matter of concern on Monday for you only. So, be very calculative with everything you do.

·       Tuesday and Wednesday will also be troubling with financial matters. Be careful with your bills in the office and at home as well.

·       Friday may also bring challenges to you. The only thing which you can do is to relax your mind and try to strategize.

·       You or your lover might play mysterious during the weekend. Try to be enough smart to solve them.

Pisces –

·       Maintain your focus on only one thing as the things going through your mind will not be vivid to others and you as well.

·       Conduction, transformation, and experimenting will be done by Tuesday by you for the betterment of others.

·       You surely would have done some fine deeds as your coworker will be there to boost you on Friday.

·       This will be a lucky weekend for you and you may gain the love you deserve from your lover.



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